About Us

Learn about us Asian Standard, a vibrant weekly regional newspaper under RF Media & Publishing Ltd, led by the visionary founder, Fatima Patel, also the owner of the renowned Asian Sunday Online brand.

Mission and Focus

Asian Standard is a beacon, casting light on the lives of South Asians in the UK. With four regional titles – Asian Standard Bradford, Asian Standard Kirklees, Asian Standard Leeds, and Asian Standard North East, our mission is clear:

About us What is Our Mission

Celebration and Platforming: Illuminate the richness of South Asian culture, lifestyle, and faith. We aim to share this vibrant tapestry with the broader community.

Free Distribution: By distributing the newspaper for free, we ensure that valuable insights into South Asian life are accessible to all, fostering unity through understanding.

Regional Approach

Relatability: Keeping the newspapers regional enables a more relatable focus. This strategy connects grassroots communities, reflecting the essence of RF Media & Publishing’s journalism.

Community-Centric Journalism: Our commitment is rooted in grassroots journalism, forging connections that matter. We bring communities together and highlight their stories.

Bridging Communities

Cross-Community Awareness: Asian Standard serves as a catalyst for cross-community awareness. We bridge gaps, fostering understanding and harmony among diverse communities.

About Us What are Our Future Endeavors

Building on the success of our existing titles, RF Media & Publishing is set to launch six more titles by 2025. This expansion aims to amplify our impact in connecting and celebrating communities.

Join us on this journey of cultural celebration, community awareness, and impactful journalism. Asian Standard – Uniting Communities through Media.