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Sunday, July 14, 2024
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Food safety

Man in court again over food hygiene charges

A man has been ordered by a court to pay over £2,000 after dozens of chilled food items in his shop, including meats, were...

Southall Cash & Carry hit with £27,000 fine for rodent droppings near food.

A cash and carry in Southall has been handed a hefty fine after rodent droppings were found on shelves next to food. The owners and...

Councillors express concerns over increasing ‘dark kitchens’ and potential customer confusion

Concerns over the rising number of “dark kitchens” have been raised by Councillors, amid claims customers could be left unsure where they are actually...

Food safety crisis in Bradford demands urgent staffing surge

The team responsible for ensuring food quality in Bradford businesses need more experienced staff, or could risk “floundering” – a meeting will be told.And...

Doner Kebab maker in Kirklees charged over £6000 for failing to follow safety standards

A Doner Kebab manufacturer has been prosecuted by Kirklees Council resulting in a total of over £6000 in fines and costs.Halal Catering Supplies Ltd....

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