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Sunday, May 29, 2022

Al- Mustafa Centre winner of two prestigious Mosque Awards

The centre won Best Madrassah Service and Best Future Design.

Bradford’s Al- Mustafa Centre is the winner of two important awards at the 4th British Beacon Mosque Awards Ceremony.

The Centre won Best Madrassah Service and Best Future Design.

The British Beacon Mosque Awards, which began in 2018, was developed to recognize the positive role mosques play in towns and cities throughout the UK.

The Beacon Mosque Awards is held annually as part of the Beacon Mosque project, created by Faith Associates to improve the standards of Mosques across the UK.

Demolition of the old site and construction of the new building is expected to go ahead early in the new year.

In 2018, Faith Associates launched the Beacon Mosque Standards, an initiative recognizing excellent practices and establishing global standards for Muslim places of worship.

Al- Mustafa Centre was nominated by the community across Bradford for two categories. The Best Madrassah Service category looks to award Mosque leaders/Madrassah teams who have supported the development and maintenance of a comprehensive learning environment for children attending a Quranic madrassah.

The Best Future Design is a new category for 2021 which seeks to award Mosque leadership teams who are building new, innovative facilities and buildings. In this category, judges are looking at new Mosques that have recently been built or planning to be built in the near future that showcase effective delivery of beauty, high-quality design, sustainability and that can encompass services outside prayer for the wider community.

Amir Hussain of Yeme architects designed the new facility that will be erected next year.

Established in 2002, the Al- Mustafa Centre operates as an Islamic learning and community facility in Girlington, one of Bradford’s most deprived areas. Their future design plan is pivotal to the organisation’s aims to enhance the local community development through interfaith dialogue, broad engagement and behavioural improvement.

Additionally, The Al- Mustafa Madrassah for children aged 5-12 serves over 450 children. Students begin with the Qaidah and quickly move on to reciting the Qur’an with complete tajweed.

Once completed they advance to the Islamic Studies Programme which introduces them to subjects which include Fiqh, Aqidah, Hadith, Adab and Tarikh (Islamic history).

Among the most important classes, the Madrassah hosts are our Junior Alimiyyah (Scholars Programme) and Hifz (Qur’an Memorisation) classes. These classes are designed to create the scholars and imams of the future.

In 2018 and 2019, the Beacon Mosque Awards Ceremony was held in London with over 1000 guests present. In 2020 as well as 2021 the Awards were held virtually.

The British Beacon Mosque Awards always include various special guests of honor- this year it was MP Rehman Chishti (who presented the award for Best Run Mosque), Steve Baker MP, Lord Wajid Khan of Burnley, along with representatives from various notable organisations including the ECB.

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