Asian Sunday is launching a new digital chat show, which will be fronted by it’s Editor and Managing Director Fatima Patel

The show which is called ‘Let’s Talk With Asian Sunday’ will run every Sunday with the first episode launching on Sunday 20 October 2019 for fifteen minutes to half-an-hour.

With print advertising revenue slowing down and an increase in demand for digital content, Editor Fatima Patel felt she was losing engagement with younger readers. She said: “The way people read news is changing. No one wants to pay for news and so while our FREE newspaper is still widely read, the advertising revenue is down. Therefore, in order to continue sustaining our journalism, we have to diversify and also look at different ways to engage our readers, especially as technology changes.

“We are not trying to re-invent the wheel and introduce something original, but we’re hoping to bring about something that’s local yet accessible to the world.

“The weekly chat show will allow our readers to come and engage with us, share their stories, as well as opinions. We will have an opportunity to debate on important issues and topics that impact on communities and we hope to be sharing this via whatsapp, our social media and our website.”

Along with the weekly chat show, Asian Sunday will also be launching many other digital programmes, which will include reviews, interviews and more guest panelists.

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