Since the government announced lockdown in March this year, restaurants and food businesses around the country have been affected in various ways.

While some restaurants have permanently closed down, others are looking at innovative ways to stay afloat, with many of them turning their establishments into takeaways.

After much deliberation fine dining restaurant Prashad too has come up with an incredible burst of energy and ingenuity to help their customers and frontline workers during these difficult times.

The 2 AA Rosette restaurant has turned into a takeaway social enterprise during lockdown, putting #CommunityChaat firmly on their menu.

Manager Bobby Patel said: “We are a fine dining restaurant this is our passion, this is our root and to convert to a takeaway was very daunting, something Minal and I wasn’t sure it was the right thing to do. But we felt there was a responsibility something where we needed to be able to potentially save our business and to be able to engage with the community.

“We wanted to make sure that whilst we try and run our business, we wanted to do some good.”

Chef and partner Minal added: “Over the last few weeks we have had the opportunity to feed some frontline workers, but we want to do more, and we can do that with your help.”

Their new #CommunityChaat initiative means those wanting to continue enjoying Prashad’s award winning vegetarian food can now do so in the comfort of their own home, but customers can also pay it forward by offering to donate a meal for front line workers.

The #CommunityChaat concept is simplified into 4 easy steps

  1. Donate

Either when you order or online at

2. Nominate

Nominate within your community by sending Prashad a private message on Facebook, with name, address, contact number and background of the person or group.

3. Initiate 

The team at Prashad then contact your nomination and arrange the meal.

4. Celebrate

Together everyone celebrates, having brought some happiness to our community.

Since launching the concept a few days ago Prashad have already been able to serve more than 40 meals, with Batley Parish School being one of their most recent recipients.

Bobby said: “I love making the call and arranging the meal from our community. The feeling is immensely satisfying and I am humbled at the generosity of our customers.

“Proud of our customers and grateful to be able to collectively have a positive impact.”

So why not join #CommunityChaat and while team Prashad are busy in the kitchen you can get busy online by helping identify the most deserving or the most in need of a hot wholesome curry delivered to the door.

Order now by calling 0133 285 2037 or visit for menu details.