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Thursday, May 26, 2022

Boris Johnson encourages people to become volunteer vaccinators this Christmas

Since Sunday, 20,000 people have signed up to become volunteer vaccinators.

Boris Johnson has given a Covid-19 announcement live from Downing Street.

Hospital rates are up nationally by 10% but rates are falling for the most vulnerable as they receive their booster jabs.

The prime minister said: “As of today, every eligible adult in England can use the national booking service to get boosted, now.

“If you are over 18 and had your second vaccine over three months ago, you can get jabbed right now and it is absolutely vital that you do. The wave of Omicron continues to roll in across the whole of the United Kingdom, with over 780,000 Covid-19 cases today, the highest daily number reported.

“The doubling rate of Omicron in some regions is now down to less than two days, and we are seeing the inevitable increase in hospitalisations, up 10% nationally week on week, and up by almost a third in London.”

Mr Johnson also said: “There are also signs of hope. Since we launched our emergency Omicron appeal on Sunday night, a great national fightback has begun. People have responded with an amazing spirit of duty and obligation to others.

“Each and every one of you who have rolled up your sleeves to get jabbed is helping this national effort.”

Since Sunday night, an extra 20,000 people have signed up to become volunteer vaccinators. The prime minister said: “Do something this Christmas that you can tell your grandchildren many Christmases from now.”

In total, 45% of all adults have received their boosters and more than 88% of those aged 70 or over have received their booster jabs.

The post-vaccination waiting time of 15 minutes will be removed tomorrow, to speed up the booster administration process and from Monday, 12-15 year-olds will be able to book in for their second jab.

Michael Gove is currently at a Cobra meeting with leaders from Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland to discuss how Downing Street can support the devolved administrations in the booster vaccine ramp-up.

The UK as a whole has twice as many boosters per head as the EU and the United States.

The Royal Mail is doubling the daily delivery of home testing kits to 900,000 from Saturday.


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