A family-owned business in Bradford aims to donate £100,000 to NHS Charities Together after the successful launch of their limited-edition antibacterial spray.

Astonish, who manufacture a range of cleaning products, will donate all the profits of their new product to the charity as part of their business commitment to support frontline workers throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

The company have already helped hospital teams throughout the pandemic. In May, Astonish donated over 500 care packages, which included disinfectant and hand moisturiser, to healthcare staff in Bradford and Leeds.

Their limited-edition bottle was designed by a fan of the company from Liverpool and features a rainbow with the message ‘Spread Love Not Germs’.  250,000 bottles will be available to buy in stores across the country.

Managing Director of Astonish, Howard Moss, said: “Since the start of this pandemic we have been doing what we can to help frontline workers. We started by donating Astonish Essential Packs to Bradford Royal Infirmary and St James Hospital Leeds. But we didn’t just want to stop there, we wanted to do more.

“At the same time, our digital team had launched an Instagram competition to provide some light relief to our followers and their families. Our brief was simple – design a new bottle that delivers a positive lock-down message. It captured the spirit of the nation. We had such a fantastic collection of entries from our followers, with designs from all ages – six to 70! So, we decided that this could be our opportunity to go further and really show our support to the UK health service and all the key workers within.

“We made the decision to produce a limited-edition bottle for our popular Antibacterial Cleanser and invited our team to choose a winner – they chose well with a trigger spray design that delivers a simple yet powerful message.

“All of our team are excited by this opportunity. We can’t wait to see this on the shelf and to be delivering much-needed funds to NHS Charities Together.”

Lauren Lynch, the fan who designed the limited-edition trigger spray for the Astonish Antibacterial Cleanser, said: “I’m shocked and delighted, I simply didn’t expect my design to be chosen. I just thought that I was entering a simple competition; I certainly didn’t expect to be seeing it on so many bottles and in my local supermarket.”

“I’m really proud of the Astonish team, they have gone out of their way to show support and I feel really privileged to be a part of a campaign that will spread a positive message while raising money to help the NHS.”