The holy month of Ramadan is almost half way through and this year, Muslims across the globe will fast from sunrise till sunset amid the covid-19 crisis.

While ramadan is seen as a month of spiritual reflection as well as abstaining from food, it is also important for Muslims to donate time and money to charity and do good.

Ramadan gives Muslims the perfect opportunity to reach out to neighbours and strengthen relationships and this is often achieved by eating together when one opens their fast, known as Iftar time. Iftar is one of the most natural and well-established ways of developing deeper friendships and, there is no better way of breaking barriers than by inviting people to share a meal.

The Khidmat Centre, based in Bradford 7, has been participating in this tradition by hosting a Big Iftar every year for asylum seekers and the refugee community.

More than 250 members of the community would attend a mass gathering with a big iftar meal at the Central Mosque in Westgate hosted by Khidmat centres every year.

Unfortunately due to Covid-19 lockdown, the Big Iftar is not possible this year. However the need for support is far greater than previous years.

So here’s what the team at Khidmat Centre decided to do instead: