Bradford Council leader Susan Hinchliffe has urged the people to stay inside homes and adhere to the new lockdown restrictions imposed by Boris Johnson government in the wake of a rise in COVID-19 cases across Britain.

Hinchliffe said this year it is going to be a tough winter season ahead, with many restrictions put up in place, adding that she will be working with partners to put things in the right way in the Bradford district before the start of the national lockdown on Thursday.

She said, “these restrictions ask huge sacrifices for businesses and communities. But we ask that people across the district pull together so that we can emerge from these restrictions in a better place. We ask that people support each other as best they can”.

“We know from the national lockdown earlier this year that many in our communities went above and beyond to help, and we will need that spirit and cooperation again so that we can protect the most vulnerable in our district,” Hinchliffe said.

She added, “Above all, it is clearly vital that everyone in our district follows the new restrictions so that we can bring infection rates down and save people’s lives. So please can I ask that people wear a mask, wash your hands, keep two metres apart and stay at home”.

Meanwhile, Bradford Council said five vows will shape the basis of its response as it works with police, the fire service, faith groups, the voluntary sector and businesses.

  • Ensure that health and social care is given to the vulnerable people
  • Support the strength of people and communities
  • Support the resilience of industries and employees
  • Support crucial Council services
  • Ensure that people have an access to all the relevant information and support system

Also, the Council’s response will comprise evaluating the services that are required to deliver in the wake of the new lockdown.

The Council stated, “It also includes assessing how we will step up services once more to ensure that vulnerable people across our district get the vital support they need and that businesses in our district get the financial support packages announced as quickly as possible”.

“We will continue to work with the government to ensure that steps are put in place to help us come out of these measures on December 2 in the best way possible”, it said.

“This means having better testing capacity across the district, clarity around the support capacity that is available for businesses and the right support for our frontline response,” the Council added.