Health Secretary Matt Hancock has said the mass coronavirus testing will be rolled out to 70 more areas in England, besides Liverpool.

Hancock said region, where rapid COVID-19 tests will be rolled out, include West Midlands, Yorkshire and Nottinghamshire. Apart from these cities, Manchester, Coventry, Birmingham and London will get a batch of tests.

Nearly 600,000 lateral flow tests will be sent across Britain this week to begin the next stage of mass coronavirus testing, which ministers hope could finally knocks-out the disease.

The tests will disclose whether a person is currently infected with COVID-19 disease, even if an individual has no symptoms. Technology will provide results within an hour.

In a view of this development, Bradford Council has confirmed that the district does include in the programme.

Bradford Council Chancellor Susan Hinchcliffe said in a statement: “We can confirm that the allocation of up to 10,000 lateral flow tests per week announced yesterday by the Secretary of State does include Bradford. We expressed interest on the same day we heard about the opportunity. However, details from the government still need confirming as they made a sudden announcement yesterday before full details were available”.

She said 10,000 lateral flow tests a week will not enable us to test anything like the 537,000 population of the Bradford district so this is not mass testing on the scale of the Liverpool pilot. However, it will provide additional capacity to test more people and to test in specific situations, for example, we would like to look at how we might facilitate safe care home visiting and/or enable schools to quickly identify and isolate outbreaks.

Talking about the objective of this type of test, Hinchcliffe said the objective of this kind of test, as opposed to the ones that is being used through the national testing sites, is that it is easy and gives a result within 30 minutes. Anyone testing positive, whichever test they use, then knows to self-isolate, thereby preventing transmission of the virus

On controlling the spread of COVID-19 in the district, Hinchcliffe added: “We will do whatever we can to keep infection rates in the district down but there is no silver bullet and it needs each and everyone of us to play our part. What is essential if we are to beat this virus is for everyone who exhibits symptoms, tests positive or is shown to be asymptomatic, self-isolates immediately”.