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Monday, June 27, 2022

Bradford Council’s new light scheme won’t include play areas or skate parks

A multi-million-pound scheme to replace outdoor lights in Bradford won't include skate parks or play areas the Council have said.

A multi-million-pound scheme to upgrade the District’s street lights will not include new lighting for play areas and skate parks.

Bradford Council is in the process of replacing every street light in the District with new, more energy-efficient LED lights.

At a meeting of Bradford Council last week, Councillor David Heseltine (Cons, Bingley) asked: “Given that young people want to feel safe and be able to use play facilities such as Skateparks and MUGAS (multi-use games areas) in the dark days of winter, would it not be sensible, while upgrading our street lamps to LED, that Bradford Council considers lighting play facilities to allow them to be used for more of the year?”

A response from the Council said the project was only to replace existing streetlights, not introduce new lighting on sites like skate parks and games areas.

The reply added: “A few MUGAS do have lighting, primarily to light skate parks. To light MUGAS would require a significant capital investment and additional revenue for energy, maintenance and repair which is not available within the services.

“Officers would suggest that lighting of Skate Parks and MUGAS is something that could be considered on an individual basis, if a need is identified, and if suitable capital and revenue can be provided.”

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