The government’s new strict rule of six is officially in place from today meaning no more than six people can gather from more one than household.

Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe, The Leader of Bradford Council has issued a statement in response to the government’s latest announcement on Covid-19 local restrictions.

Hinchcliffe said: “The government’s announcement means that there are no further changes on the restrictions that apply to our district. This means that the ban on indoor household gatherings will continue in twenty-one wards of our district where that ban is already in place.”
Last week the government announced the national rule apart from a few exceptions, and that fines will be enforced for people who break the rules.

Hinchcliffe said this will apply to people across the district regardless of whether they are in the locally restricted area or following the national restrictions. This new “Rule of 6” will be enforced by the police.

“The infection rate is rising, and we must not become complacent or think that the situation is returning to normal.”

“I know that many people: our staff, our partners, the health service and many volunteers are making a Herculean effort to reduce rates and to support our communities.”

Hinchliffe said everyone has a responsibility to reduce the risk of Covid-19 spreading and must continue to be vigilant. She urges everyone to follow to the government guidelines so that the virus can be contained.

“Regular hand-washing, wearing a face covering indoors and keeping two metres apart from each other are all fundamental to combating this virus and protecting our loved ones.”

Up to 10 September figures have increased with 486 new cases. Bradford’s rate is at 90.0 per 100,000, whereas the previous week it was 73.2 with 395 cases.

This shows that the Bradford cases are slightly higher than other cases in England.

From the left to right it shows cases in the seven days to 10 September; numbers in brackets are new cases recorded in the seven days to 10 September; rates of new cases in the in the seven days to September 3; number in brackets of new cases in the seven days to 3 September.

Top 10 cities with high covid-19 cases via Public health England data