A rapist who projected himself as a cab driver to persuade a woman into his car on the eve of Christmas has been sentenced to 5-years of imprisonment.

The 32-year-old Sajaket Khan picked up a woman in Bradford and drove her to the close by woods, but she pushed him away and managed to record his car’s registration number.

Earlier in 2013, Khan was also jailed for raping a woman where he had again posed as a cab driver.

A resident of Allison Lane in Bradford, Khan pleaded guilty to kidnap and violating a sexual assault prevention order.

Meanwhile, a public prosecutor Rebecca Young told Bradford Crown Court the woman assumed Khan was a cab driver when she got into his car outside a discotheque in Sackville Street.

She said Khan took her to a secluded area in the woods and took her out of the car in an attempt to drag her to a little far for rape. The woman pushed him away and he ran from the spot.

However, the woman took a picture of his car’s registration number and Khan was behind the bars the next day.

In his defense, Khan said he did not want to attack the woman, but the judge dismissed his explanation and called it a ‘lie’.

According to a media report, the judge said: “I am satisfied that had she not challenged you in the way she did you would have taken her down that ginnel [alleyway] and committed a sexual offence against her – either rape or a serious sexual assault”.