An organised ‘Clean Up” operation will be held at Moor Park on Saturday, June 20.
Residents and volunteers are asked to join in with the campaign to help restore the area to its former beauty.

Naz Koser from Friends of Bradford Moor Park who are spearheading the ‘Clean Up’ said that with the onset of Covid-19, it was more important than ever to have this outdoor space residents could enjoy. She said her pleas to the Council for maintenance help in the Park since July 2019 had gone unanswered.

Other residents agree there has been decay at Moor Park. They are heartbroken at the sight of ducks having to swim through algae, and piles of litter – including garbage bags – dumped unceremoniously on park grounds. They also claim flower beds have been left to rot and the grass left uncut.

Bradford Moor Park: Present day
Bradford Moor Park: swans swimming during it’s former glorious days

But a spokesperson for Bradford Council insisted staff had been carrying out regular maintenance at the Park – despite shortages caused by Coronavirus (Covid-19). He said council staff would be happy to meet with Friends of Bradford Moor Park to work on an Action Plan together. This would involve helping with funding bids for the Park and advising residents how to “keep on top of the jobs which need carrying out regularly.”

He added: “We would like to add that the children’s play equipment in the park is currently closed to prevent the spread of Coronavirus (Covid-19) to keep everyone safe.”

Local Labour Cllr Mohammed Shafiq confirmed he would join the Clean Up. He said the council had blamed lack of resources when pressed to remove algae from the pond.

Residents are invited to join the clean up on Saturday 20th June from 11am to join the clean up and are urged to ask people to do their bit and keep the park clean from littering and fly tipping. For more information visit the facebook page at: