Huge amounts of unwanted items and waste have been taken to Bradford’s household waste recycling centres (HWRC) across the district since they re-opened last month.

Bradford council has asked residents to consider keeping, improving or passing on their unwanted items to new users before bringing them to waste and recycling centres.

The council have also reminded residents that the New To Me Shop at Bowling Back Lane is open at selected times throughout the week if people want to pass on their goods that are still usable to a new owner. People can purchase items for a small fee including electronics, furniture and cutlery.

Social media sites and charity shops, which are starting to re-open, are also recommended by the council as places to visit before throwing away items that could be reused. They also urge people to compost any garden refuse before bringing it to any HWRC sites.

A spokesman for Bradford Council said: “We need to stop being a throwaway society and become a retain, re-use and recycling community.

“We want people to use the stuff for longer, mend it and then find new homes for it before taking to the HWRC.

“It would save money and benefit the environment. We would love to encourage people to find an alternative use for things they no longer need.

“There are plenty of re-use and recycling charities online and it may be that you can find a better way to dispose of unwanted items.”

For information on where to reuse, donate or sell your unwanted items, visit: