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Sunday, May 29, 2022

Bradford’s play areas to get £1.6m refurbishment boost

Bradford Council has announced a £1.6m refurbishment programme for the district’s playgrounds and playable spaces.

Bradford Council has announced a £1.6m refurbishment programme for the district’s playgrounds and playable spaces.

The investment will ensure repairs and improvements are made to equipment and facilities across the district which will make sure children and younger people have a place they can play and use their imaginations.

Work has already started at Riverside Park, Ilkley; Central Park, Haworth; and Myrtle Park, Bingley with the remainder to go on-site over the coming months.

Bradford Moor park is one of many parks getting a refurb.

Additional work will take place in Keighley, Bingley, Shipley as well as a number of sites in and around the city of Bradford.

In total, 33 play areas will be included In the second and current phase of the district’s Playable Spaces refurbishment programme this year.

These include seven of the larger play areas, fourteen local and neighbourhood play areas and five doorstep play areas as well as seven other sites needing urgent repairs.

A third and final phase of the five-year-long refurbishment programme will then begin to deliver works at the remaining sites in the District that require significant maintenance and refurbishment.

Councillor Sarah Ferriby, portfolio holder for healthy people and places, said: “This investment will make sure our young people have better play spaces they can grow and develop in, fit for the twenty-first century.

“Children have had a difficult couple of years and it’s even more important that they have the facilities they need to get outside, use their imaginations, make friends and make some lifelong memories.

“Play is an important part of ensuring children have a happy and healthy childhood. It helps them develop socially as well as in terms of dexterity, balance and muscle control – which is why this investment in our playable spaces is so important.”

Destination / Green Flag and/or town centre play areas 

  • Riverside Park Ilkley
  • Central Park Haworth
  • Cliffe Castle / Devonshire Park, Keighley
  • St Ives Estate, Bingley
  • Roberts Park, Shipley
  • Peel Park, Bradford East
  • Harold Park, Bradford South

 Local / neighbourhood play areas 

  • Myrtle Park, Bingley
  • Russell Hall Park, Queensbury
  • Eversley Drive, Bradford South
  • Brackenhill Park, Bradford West
  • Victoria Park, Thornton
  • Horton Park
  • Bradford Moor Park
  •  Eldwick Recreation Ground, Bingley
  • Highfield Recreation Ground, Keighley
  • Windy Hill Park (Recreation Ground), Shipley
  • Eversley Drive Play Area, Bradford South
  • Upper Seymour Street, Bradford East
  • Ravenscliffe Community Centre Play Area,
  • Amberley Street Play Area, Bradford East

Doorstep play area refurbishments 

  • Jerr Wood Play Area, Bingley
  • Litton Street, Keighley
  • Longlands Farm, Keighley
  • Back Derby Place, Bradford East
  • Woodlands Play Area, Bradford South

Urgent and minor urgent refurbishment 

  • Utley Recreation Ground
  • Springwood (Parkwood) Street, Keighley
  • Northcliffe Park, Shipley
  • Cliffe Avenue Play Area trim trail, Baildon
  • Middleton Avenue skate park, Ilkley
  • Eccleshill Park skate park
  • Teen shelter at Holden Park, Oakworth
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