A campaign calling for people to ‘Clap for our Carers’ on Thursday at 8pm has gone viral and has attracted much support from leading figures

The event calls for people to join in a round of applause at 8pm tonight to show those in the NHS how much we all appreciate their hard work.

The post being shared on social media reads: “During these unprecedented times they (the NHS) need to know that we are grateful.

“Please join us on March 26 at 8pm for a big applause (from front doors, garden, balcony, windows, living rooms, etc) to show all who are working at the front line, our appreciation for their ongoing hard work and fight against this virus.

“Please share this message, so we can make sure the word spreads and reaches all to join!”

The brainchild behind the campaign is Dutch Londoner, Annemarie Plas, who wants the UK to make noise for those fighting at the frontline of coronavirus, while the rest of the nation stays indoors.

The 36-year-old decided to kickstart #ClapForOurCarers after she heard friends and family members in her home country, the Netherlands, were doing something similar. And, having seen footage of people coming together for the same purposes in Spain and France, she thought: why not do this in the UK, too?

The UK now has more than 8,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and hospitals are working hard to treat seriously ill patients.

Many doctors and nurses being exposed to the virus will be unable to see their family and friends for months because of the risk from passing it on.

They are working round the clock and this campaign asks people to show their appreciation by clapping together at 8pm.