By Grahame Anderson

According to fresh Office For National Statistics figures North East England continues to record a sharp spike in COVID-19 deaths. In fact, 40 have been recorded across the region – the highest since June 12. This represents a rise of 13 in the past week alone as tier two sanctions kick into place.

List of Towns And Cities

Both Newcastle in fifth place and Sunderland in seventh, find themselves high up the list of towns and cities for numbers of coronavirus cases. On Tyneside a total of 304 cases were recorded per 100,000 of population – while on Wearside the number stood at 276 per 100,000. Over on Teesside in Middlesbrough 186 cases were registered, while in one 24 hour period in Northumberland more than 80 cases were recorded.

The latest ONS figures reveal 53,335 deaths involving Covid-19 had occurred in England and Wales up to October 2, and had been registered by October 10. Figures change on a daily basis of course.

Hospital Admissions

Since the beginning of October more than 1,100 new hospital admissions have been reported in the region, according to official Public Health England and NHS England data.

The North East has seen a total of 19,523 admissions since the outbreak began. What’s more, there are currently 99 Covid-19 patients who are currently requiring a mechanical ventilation bed within the region generally.

Nightingale Hospital On Standby

THE NORTH-EAST’S coronavirus field hospital in Sunderland has been placed on ‘standby’ following the worrying rise in Covid-19 admissions. Though no patients have yet been admitted. NHS England’s professor Stephen Powis confirmed the 460-bed hospital would be placed into a state of “readiness”.

In a statement he explained: “To protect our staff and our patients we will be introducing – with tests provided by the Test and Trace service – regular testing for staff in these high-risk areas, even when they don’t have symptoms.

This will help us keep staff and patients in those hospitals as safe as possible.”

He added: “In the over-65s – particularly the over-85s – we are seeing steep rises in the numbers of people being admitted to hospital so the claim that the elderly can somehow be fenced off from risk is wishful thinking.”

In a meeting on last Wednesday, health officials from the Joint Biosecurity Centre (JBC) suggested Greater Manchester along with much of North-East and North-West England and parts of Yorkshire and the Midlands should be moved into the top tier. The Prime Minister Boris Johnson however has so far resisted the urge to go that far here in the region, though the North East remains a big concern as we enter mid Autumn.