A new campaign in Middlesbrough takes aim at people who chew gum and their sticky balls. Every year, chewing gum costs UK councils around £60 million in cleaning bills. However, an innovative company has a solution.

The firm, Gumdrop has scattered 20 bright pink bins around at key locations in the city in a bid to clean up the street. However, these are bins like no others. They are specifically for chewing gum and will recycle the sticky mess into compounds which can be used by the plastics industry.

With their unique ‘Gum tec’ process, any unwanted gum can be transformed into all sorts of useful products such as coffee mugs, rulers, mobile phone cases, coat hangers, bucket, picnic cutlery or drinking straws.

Community hubs will be distributing on the go keyrings in which people can store their gum before they find a suitable bin from which they can be recycled.

“Discarded gum is an anti-social eyesore that costs a small fortune to clean and chucking it in the street is just as unacceptable as spitting or dropping a cigarette butt,” said Councillor Dennis McCabe, Middlesbrough Council’s Executive member for Environment. “These Gumdrop bins could change all that – not only are you avoiding the risk of an £80 fixed penalty notice, but your discarded gum will go on to do something useful rather than getting stuck to roads, pavements and shoes.”