The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge paid a visit to Batley as part of a Royal ‘thank you key workers’ train tour on Monday.

A Kensington Palace spokeswoman said the morale-boosting tour of Britain, would give the royal couple the chance to “share their gratitude on behalf of the nation” for all those that have been supporting their local communities ahead of the Christmas holidays.

In Batley the royal couple met with volunteers from the Community Centre who have provided invaluable support to older members of the public throughout the pandemic by sending cards, having regular phone calls and dropping off shopping, food bags and activity packs.

The Duke and Duchess, Kensington Royal social media captured the images of the trip to Batley

The Duke and Duchess met with Len Gardner, a local resident supported by the Community Centre who The Duchess of Cambridge has spoken to previously as part of the NHS Volunteer Responders.

After chatting on the phone earlier this year, the Duchess sent Mr Gardner a pasta making machine after he shared with her his love of the food.

The Duke and Duchess, Kensington Royal social media shared the moment the royal couple accompanied Len to his house

After an hour the Royal couple then made the short trip to Len’s home in Carlinghow.

Len introduced the future King and Queen to his wife Shirley.

The two couples exchanged Christmas presents outside his home.

The tour was accompanied by a brass band and residents filled the streets to watch the Royal couple

The two exchanging Christmas presents outside his home.

Fazila Aswat Service Manager Batley Community Centre said the visit was fantastic for the volunteers

The Duke and Duchess speaking to volunteers in Batley

“The Royal Couple have been helping out with Royal Voluntary Service throughout the pandemic and The Duchess herself has spoken numerous times to Len and their conversations have sometimes been at great length.

We were contacted a few weeks ago by the Royal house about a visit but being in tier 3 it was going to be quite difficult.

We believe it’s important that people of Lens age in the community feel they’re not forgotten. Len is currently battling Cancer and his wife Shirley has Dementia so we support them as best we can.

The visit from Prince William and Catherine has also been great for the volunteers, they work so hard. The attention they received not only from the couple but afterward was amazing and they felt appreciated. It was great they got some of the limelight as well.”

Catherine Johnstone CBE, CEO of Royal Voluntary Service said: “We are incredibly grateful to The Duchess of Cambridge for kindly supporting the NHS Volunteer Responders programme from the start of the pandemic.  Her ‘check-in and chat’ call to Len, who is helped regularly by Royal Voluntary Service volunteers, has meant the world to him and her visit to Batley was truly very special. It’s a day he will never forget and we are delighted that they were able to meet. It’s so important to highlight the power of conversation, and by doing something as simple as making a phone call, you really can make someone’s day.”