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Sunday, April 14, 2024

Embracing Ramadan Spirit: Bradford Hospitals extend visiting hours amidst holy month of Ramadan

In a move demonstrating cultural sensitivity and community support, Bradford Teaching Hospitals has announced a significant adjustment to its visiting policy in honour of the holy month of Ramadan. Commencing from 12 March, visiting hours for everyone will now be extended from 10 am until 10 pm, offering ample time for individuals to connect with their loved ones following Iftar, the cherished meal marking the breaking of the fast for Muslims.

This extension of visiting hours will remain in effect until the culmination of Eid on 10 April, recognising the importance of familial bonds and community cohesion during this sacred period. Despite the elongated hours, the hospital emphasises that existing rules and restrictions regarding the number of visitors per bed will be upheld, urging all visitors to be considerate of patients, particularly during the later hours of the evening.

Moreover, Bradford Teaching Hospitals underscores the critical need for everyone’s cooperation in safeguarding the well-being of patients and staff members. With the ongoing threat of illnesses such as COVID-19, flu, and winter-related norovirus, the hospital urges individuals to refrain from visiting if they or their family members exhibit any symptoms of illness. This proactive approach aligns with the institution’s commitment to maintaining a safe and healthy environment for all.

As part of their preventive measures, the Trust, which oversees several healthcare facilities including Bradford Royal Infirmary, St Luke’s Hospital, and others, implores prospective visitors to prioritise the welfare of patients and staff by staying at home if unwell. Additionally, all visitors are reminded to adhere to rigorous hand hygiene practices, utilising the alcohol gel provided at ward and department entrances throughout their visits.

Through these compassionate adjustments and proactive measures, Bradford Teaching Hospitals exemplifies its dedication to fostering inclusivity, community engagement, and optimal healthcare outcomes during the holy month of Ramadan and beyond.

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