While face masks had been mandatory in most parts of the globe, since the coronavirus pandemic began, Boris Johnson made it mandatory to wear face masks in shops in the UK only in July this year. Since then we have seen a significant rise in people wearing face masks, especially as cases have been rising and this has led to a new fashion trend.

With face masks becoming a necessity, the fashionistas have found a new style statement in the form of designer masks that have started trending with influencers, celebrities, and personalities.  There have been several instances where popular figures have been spotted wearing colourful or designer face masks matching their outfit.

For instance, Billie Eilish wearing a Gucci face mask on the red carpet of Grammy Awards, or youths strolling in the busy street of Police Bazaar, it’s become trendy to adorn a mask with a design.

Face masks popularity among celebrities

The COVID-19 pandemic may have set the world in a reboot mode with limited activities, but that hasn’t stopped popular celebrities setting the style statement by wearing masks that match their attire.

Celebrities from around the world have been seen wearing some interesting face masks either during their press meet, important occasions, or any small ceremony. By and large, celebrities are finding a new way to flaunt their fashion sense – through face masks.

For instance, American actress Emma Roberts looked stunning a couple of months back when she was seen wearing a yellow and white strapped mask that was going well with her white checkered design attire.

Another talented actress Reese Witherspoon wore a mask and even posted a mask-wearing meme from a still from one of her most admired movies ‘Legally Blonde’. Oscar-winner actress Halle Berry posted a picture with her boyfriend in which she was seen wearing a silky black face mask which was matching with her outfit.

Similarly, when talking about Bollywood, several celebrities were seen wearing fashionable face masks during these current times. Ranbir Kapoor was spotted wearing a strange balaclava face mask with a pair of chunky high-tops.

Likewise, actresses such as Neha Dhupia and Shamita Shetty wore masks that would compliment their attire. Shahid Kapoor’s younger brother and actor Ishaan Khatter was seen wearing a strange mask that would cover only half of his face.

Face masks popular among politicians

The trend of wearing a mask that matches the outfit is not restricted to models and celebrities alone, but politicians are also included in the list. Take the case of Nancy Patricia Pelosi, an American politician serving as speaker of the United States House of representatives since 2019, was seen wearing a pink face mask that matched her pink formal outfit.

Zuzana Caputova, President of Slovakia, had worn masks that match her outfits when out in public. She even received online praises for her matching mask ensemble which was labelled by one social media user as “modern day corona”.

Similarly, French President Emmanuel Macron displayed the civic code of conduct and fashion statement can go together when he was seen wearing a cloth face mask matching his blue suit during a visit to a school in Poissy. Interestingly, the mask also featured a ribbon in the colours of the national flag of France.

Even Queen Elizabeth II on a rare public appearance since COVID-19 was announced, was seen wearing a black mask, lined with a graceful white hoop to match the rest of her dress.

Fashion designers led the brigade

With the rising trend of unique face masks, many fashion designers around the world started manufacturing some of the attractive and alluring face masks that match the outfit. Italy-based fashion designer grabbed the headlines recently after she created the trikini – a set of a bikini matching with a face mask.

Tiziana Scaramuzzo, who is the owner of Elexia Beachwear, told the media that she manufactured the trikini as a joke but after she posted pictures of the trikini set on social media channels, she was flooded with orders.

Noted Indian-based fashion designers Masaba Gupta and Ritu Kumar started creating non-surgical, three-layered reusable face mask. The unique thing about these masks were, they looked different and were made up of coloured or printed fabric. They beat the standard masks that come in colours such as black, grey, or white. Moreover, these designer face masks hit the market in various irresistible designs and shapes with variations in the price range.

Hillary Taymour, who operates the New York-based brand Collina Strada, directed her energy into creating face masks in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. Little did she know that her creative face masks with attractive designs, made up of recycled materials will find many buyers, in a short span. The designer further claims that her face masks became such a hit that her brand name on Google searches skyrocketed by 600 per cent.

Road ahead

If one goes with the popular notion of designers, celebrities and even politicians making a style statement by wearing uniquely designed face masks, then the fashion of face masks is set to stay until the coronavirus effect subsides.

It is a great time for fashion designers and manufacturers to produce some interesting face masks and book a profit on the offerings. However, in the long run, the euphoria of flashy face masks may run out of trend.

As of now, face masks are setting trends and finding buyers across the globe, with mask producing firms having a huge scope to capitalise during these times. For consumers, it could be an interesting ride in terms of setting a new fashion quotient, especially during a Covid-19 pandemic.

Whatever happens, stay trendy, but stay safe.