The government is looking at how to relax coronavirus restrictions so families can celebrate Christmas together.

The government’s medical adviser Susan Hopkins, said they were working on a plan and wanted Christmas to be “as close to normal as possible”.

Alok Sharma the Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy said it was too early for “conclusions” but he wanted to see his family for Christmas.

Diwali took place on the 14 November and there was no consideration for the lockdown to be eased for that.

Eid celebrations were also put on hold earlier this year when restrictions were brought in at 10pm the night before. Meaning celebrations and gatherings had to cancelled or rearranged at the last minute.

This has left the community shocked and annoyed that ministers are considering this when other religious dates weren’t given the same consideration.

Sharon got in touch to say:

“Maybe we’ll appreciate it more next year. We have already asked Muslims to forsake Eid gatherings, Hindus Diwali- why should Christmas be different?”

Sathnam is critical of the idea saying:

“It was hard, but millions got through Diwali, Eid, Yom Kippur without family gatherings. I for one do not want to put shielding family members at risk, throw a year of sacrifice into the bin because Johnson cannot bear giving bad news about Christmas.”

Miri tweeted to say “This ‘can we be normal for Christmas’ narrative is frustrating me atm. I completely understand the sentiment but there were no special plans for those that celebrate Eid or Diwali. Millions of people have spent those festivals away from family. Why should Xmas be any different?”

Saffi said, “It seems a bit unfair that there might be an exemption from Covid rules for Xmas. I haven’t heard of this for Diwali or Rosh Hashanah or Hanukkah. Surely health is more important than Xmas”

To which Zahran replied: “Or Eid! They didn’t make any exceptions for that either. Yes, I agree health is more important and perhaps a quiet Christmas might put things more in perspective for many people.”

Isha on Facebook has said “Eid in lockdown, Diwali in lockdown, Yom Kippur in lockdown. But the possible easing of restrictions for Christmas. This government never ceases to astound me.”

Ganesh believes “We didn’t do it for Eid or Diwali and we shouldn’t do it for Christmas or New Year. Christian pain is not more important than Muslim or Hindu pain, and the pain of missing a Christmas gathering is not worth killing our neighbours.”

The discussions over allowing people to meet at Christmas even riled Good morning Britain host Piers Morgan.

The presenter said this morning: ‘I don’t think the entire health of the nation should rest on whether we can gorge on turkey for a couple of days. We have to be selfless’.