The wonderful Batley Ninjas, a local women’s rounders team are still batting away despite the coronavirus.

With the new rule of 6 in place there are some slight changes to the way the ladies play which allows them to play safely and enjoy their game of rounders.

Sofiya Makda, team captain of Batley Ninjas said: “As it is an outdoor sport, we are allowed up to 30 people, but we must maintain social distancing.”

Facebook_Batley Ninjas rounders team

Makda said there are some slight changes to the game, for example there cannot be anyone stood at the bases apart from the first base.

All the details are taken down for players attending as part of track and trace. when Batley Ninja’s train, they use the bubbles of 6.

Makda said they have won 2 games so far, but they are pushing themselves to play much better teams to improve their game.

Batley Ninja’s latest game was against the Morley Mavericks where both teams had a fantastic time full of laughter and team spirit.

Living in a pandemic is a stressful time but for the Batley Ninjas it is a massive relief for them to be able to play such a fun sport with many of the ladies using rounders as a time for themselves.

Makda said: “We all love the sport and the interaction that comes with it. Many struggled with not having that little something during the week, it is amazing how much of a difference it makes.

Batley Ninjas upcoming game is September 27 in Hunslet.