Police have been rushed to reports of anti-social use of firecrackers in Great Horton, Buttershaw and some parts of Bradford West.

In an incident, few fireworks were confiscated from 13-year-old youths, while police officials have also tackled ‘illegal bonfires’ in the city. In a statement, police and fire service officials said they are having a ‘very busy’ bonfire night and asking people to stay inside homes.

A resident at Bradford tweeted that the city is witnessing an ‘obscene amount of fireworks even more than usual’. While resident said a firework was thrown at their car in Clayton Road when were driving past a back alley.

There have been reports that people have been throwing firecrackers at the passing vehicles on Great Horton Road.

In the meantime, one of the residents said, “Idiots throwing them at cars in Haworth Road too. After 11 pm and still going off – beyond a joke”.

Also, several reports suggest that bonfires have been lit in the middle of the road in the city, leading to traffic chaos.

Special Section Officer Crossley, of Bradford South, tweeted, “Myself and SC HAIGH are working tonight in #bradford and have already attended several anti-social firework logs in Great Horton and Buttershaw “Please only use fireworks in your own garden, keep young children at a safe distance or inside the house and act responsibly”.

SO 7298 Mohammed tweeted, “This evening I am working with SC 7843 Irvin on bonfire patrols around @WYP_BradfordW – so far we have attended numerous firework related logs, report of illegal bonfires & also seized fireworks from youths as old as 13-14 years. Youths taken home.”

Meanwhile, in a statement, the West Yorkshire Police contact management centre said, “We are having a very busy night in the contact centre tonight so please bare with us!”

And West Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service’s control room had received 260 calls by 10.30pm.

The fire service tweeted, “We’re having a busy #BonfireNight2020 in @WYFRSControl Please #StaySafe & respect the emergency services ????????????”