If you’re on a low income, you could benefit from a free upgrade as part of the government’s drive to encourage greener living.

Newcastle City Council has successfully bid for £1.9million funding from the Government’s Green Grant Scheme. This is on top of the £1million already agreed in November and will go towards making homes more energy efficient.

“Everyone wants to live in a comfortable, warm home that is cheap to heat, and which allows them to remain healthy,” said Cllr Clare Penny-Evans, Cabinet member for communities and climate change. “Unfortunately, in our city there are more than the national average number of households for which that may not be the case.

Working with E.ON, the council has already been working on measures such as installing low carbon heating and insulation. Aside from helping the planet, it can also dramatically reduce bills. For those in the least energy efficient housing and on the lowest income, this could really be a game changer.

“This extra £1.9m will allow us to expand the project, bringing benefits to a further 175 homes, and allowing us to extend the technology we can offer to also include electricity producing solar panels,” she adds. “Together with the BEIS funded Electrification of Heat project these initiatives are reducing the impact our homes have on the environment, helping towards our ambitious collective ambitions to achieve net zero emissions in Newcastle by 2030.

The energy efficiency is rated on a scale from A to G. The local authority is hoping to bring the rating of the homes up to E,F or G.

If you come forward and in need of help you may also benefit from other measures such as cavity wall or underfloor insulation, boiler replacements and other measures.

“Improving the energy efficiency of homes across the UK is key to meeting the nation’s net-zero targets, and can dramatically improve people’s living conditions, by helping to increase their comfort and reduce their energy bills,” added Nigel Dewbery, director of residential solutions

You can check your eligibility and apply for the scheme by logging onto www.eonenergy.com/home-heating/green-homes-grant.html, or emailing greenHomesGrant@eonenergy.com, or calling 0333 202 4820.