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Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Here are some of the petrol stations in Bradford that have no fuel left

Several petrol stations in Bradford have no fuel left after people panic bought over the weekend with tanks potentially arriving tomorrow morning.

Drivers in Bradford are struggling to fill their cars with fuel today amid nationwide shortages of fuel in petrol stations.

Several petrol stations in Bradford and surrounding areas have no petrol or diesel left because of panic buyers.

Several petrol stations in Bradford run out of fuel because of people panic buying over the weekend and yesterday.

The shortages have come about because of a huge drop in the number of HGV drivers available, stretching the fuel supply chain to its limits.

The Petrol Retailers Association (PRA) has reported that more than half of petrol stations in Britain have run out of fuel following a weekend of panic-buying by anxious drivers, despite government warnings that people should not buy in haste.

The PRA said that as many as two-thirds of its membership of nearly 5,500 independent outlets are out of fuel, with the rest of them “partly dry and running out soon”. The UK has a total of more than 8,000 filling stations.

What petrol stations are out of fuel?

Shell Leeds Road – Out of all fuel

Phoenix Filling station – Out of all fuel

Shell Bingley Road – Out of all fuel

Shell on Rooley Avenue – Out of all fuel

BP Barkerend Road – Out of all fuel

BP Wakefield Road – Out of all fuel with a possibility of a delivery tonight or tomorrow morning

BP Lister Hills – Out of all fuel with a possibility of a delivery tonight or tomorrow morning

Texaco Wibsey – Out of all fuel

Esso Otley Road – Out of all fuel

Texaco Westfield Lane on Whitehall Rd, Wyke – Out of all fuel

Esso Rontec Low Moor on Cleckheaton Road – Out of all fuel

Shell on Westgate Hill Street, Birkenshaw – Out of all fuel

When are tanks arriving with more petrol and diesel?

Some of the petrol stations listed above have said that deliveries are supposed to be coming in tonight or tomorrow morning, but they won’t know more until if and when they arrive.

Is there a limit on how much fuel I can buy?

Some petrol stations such as BP Barkerend have put a £35 cap on fuel purchases, but it is up to each individual petrol station on whether they restrict sales of petrol and diesel or not.

Why is there a shortage of fuel?

There isn’t. There is plenty of fuel but there is a lack of lorry drivers to deliver petrol and diesel across the country.

When did the fuel crisis start?
Four days ago, oil firm BP warned that it would have to “temporarily” close a handful of its petrol stations, because of a lack of lorry drivers.

Long queues started to build up outside stations across Britain over the weekend, amid fears that petrol might run out.

Cities have been hardest hit, while Northern Ireland has been unaffected.

What has caused the HGV driver shortage?

there are three main factors: Covid-19, Brexit and systemic problems which have plagued the industry for years.

During the pandemic, HGV driving tests had to be stopped, meaning fewer people were entering the business. At the same time, thousands of drivers facing reduced hours or furlough left the trade with many of them to join the booming home delivery business.

Brexit has meant that some EU workers lost the right to work in the UK and a host of new border regulations were put in place, making it harder to work between Britain and the continent.

This is combined with an ageing population of HGV drivers and companies that have struggled to recruit new and younger workers.

Trade body Logistics UK puts the shortage at around 90,000. According to the Road Haulage Association, it’s 100,000.

What will this mean for other aspects of society?

Shortage in fuel will mean that taxis and private hire care services like uber may struggle to operate, as well as food delivery services, home grocery shop deliveries, as well as food stocked in supermarkets.

What is the government doing?

A suspension of competition law between oil firms, which the government said would make it easier for companies to share information about fuel supply and prioritise areas most in need.

The process for getting an HGV driver licence will be sped up, and nearly one million letters have been sent to existing HGV drivers to encourage them back into the industry, plus there are plans to train 4,000 others.

Offers of temporary visas to 5,000 foreign fuel tanker and food lorry drivers (as well as 5,500 poultry workers) in the run-up to Christmas have been made although some business organisations, such as the British Chambers of Commerce have criticised this as “insufficient”.

Can key workers get fuel?

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has expressed that some petrol stations should reserve fuel for “those who need it”. He said: “We’re lobbying the government to do what they did in previous years when there’s been a fuel crisis because of the shortage of fuel, to reserve it for those who desperately need it – black cabs, private hire vehicles, care workers and those who work at hospitals who can’t get public transport.”

West Yorkshire Mayor Tracy Brabin has not yet provided a statement.

Will the army bring in fuel?

The Ministry of Defence has put about 150 qualified drivers on short notice to deliver fuel and has another 150 personnel to support them.

They will need training which could take two to five days to prepare.

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