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Saturday, July 20, 2024

‘I am fuming’: Resident’s anger in Middlesbrough as discarded litter and piled up bin bags attract rats

A man has been left fuming after dumped bin bags and litter have attracted rats behind his home.

A resident on Moortown Road in Beechwood is desperate for the litter plaguing the street behind his home to be cleaned up. He said he used to Gleneagles Road himself but he has refused to keep doing it.

It is understood that the council received 11 reports of fly-tipping at this location, between March 2020 and November 2022 with the waste removed each time. Weekly litter picks are also being undertaken to address the issue.

The resident said: “The wind comes down from the field and blows all the rubbish down. Then the cars come along and flatten it. People come out here and they just dump their rubbish.

“Bins have been here for months and that one tipped over has been there for ages. It’s the people to blame. I used to sweep it all but I’m not doing it anymore.”

There is broken glass, empty plastic bottles, and bins discarded in the messy street. However, litter is not the only issue and rats have been attracted to the area.

The resident said: “A man who used to live on the top street said he would look outside and see rats playing in the road. The council doesn’t do anything. Once the rats find out where the food is they’re here.

“I am fuming. I can be out here trying to clean it up, people will just look at you and walk into their house and then they just shove their rubbish out.”

A Middlesbrough Council spokesperson said: “Our pest control team has received no reports in relation to vermin on Council land or public open spaces in this area. If residents are encountering issues we urge them to contact us and we will take any appropriate action to resolve the problem.”

As part of cost-cutting measures, the council has signalled that it will not roll out a subsidised domestic pest control service for residents. The scheme was included in the 2022/23 budget following a Labour amendment but there is now a good chance it won’t even make it off the ground.

Fly-tipping, vermin and other issues can be reported to the council’s environment contact centre on 01642 726001.

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