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Monday, June 17, 2024

‘I couldn’t believe it!” Floyd Mayweather Senior surprise visits boxing gym in Bradford.

It’s not every day the greatest boxer in the world’s father boards a plane and decides to visit the wonderful city of Bradford, but upcoming boxers young and old were in for a surprise when Floyd Mayweather senior visited the newly built P4P Boxing club based in Bradford. 

Floyd Mayweather Senior for those readers who don’t know who he is, is the father of Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather Jr. An undefeated fighter who left the brutal sport of boxing with a career of fifty professional fights without a loss. In his last contest, Mayweather Jr. fought YouTube sensation Logan Paul in an exhibition match which ‘Money’ states he made millions from. 

Floyd senior, a former boxer himself never really got to taste the success his son Jr. did but he went on to become one of the greatest trainers in the world. From the likes of training former world champion Oscar Dela-Hoya to Hyde born and bred Ricky ‘The Hitman’ Hatton. Senior has trained many world champions and it seemed like he’s not ready to hang up the pads yet! 

Known as ‘Doctor T’, the owner of P4P Boxing which has gyms across the UK expressed how amazing it was to see someone like Floyd in one of his gyms. He explained, “The thing is, Floyd Jr. is the best of our generation, and his father is a legendary coach so having him here is unbelievable”. 

Speaking about the impact it has on the young and upcoming kids in the gym he adds, “For the kids it’s massive because they have, not only someone to look up to but they see the guy behind the man who made Floyd. In this country we had Amir Khan, Prince Naseem, and some other good fighters and we hope a world champion will be coming out from Bradford too”.

Floyd Mayweather Snr at a gym in Bradford, meeting young aspiring boxers

Floyd senior didn’t just visit the gym to meet and greet the fighters but the sixty-nine-year-old even laced up his pads and did some pad-work with some of the kids. Floyd trained with about approximately 10 individuals on the day; showing them some hidden tricks to add to their game to hopefully secure some world titles one day. After the session, with it being Ramadan, many individuals at the gym were fasting so food was served by Lahori Dabbah based in Ingleby Road.  

One of his closest friends, Rodge, who manages his security in the UK expressed how Floyd loved touring across the UK in different gyms to help those upcoming stars. He explained how despite reaching retirement age, Floyd doesn’t seem to fatigue when it comes to boxing and deep down, he loves the sport of boxing too much to give it up. 

Nadeem, the branch manager of P4P Boxing in Bradford was over the moon to see someone as mega as Floyd senior visit the gym and said, “It’s a personal thing for me, if I’m totally honest. I’ve always wanted to meet Floyd senior and to have opened my own gym and have him here is massive. As a kid I grew up watching Floyd senior train other fighters and now he’s in my gym training my students which I can’t sum up into words how it feels”. 

Nadeem admitted, boxing however is bigger than the sport itself and Floyd adds to that by explaining, “When kids see Floyd, and the success he’s had, it makes them train even harder and I know this will push them even more. The biggest thing is it keeps them off the streets and this area in Bradford is known for drug use and knife crime.

“We’re fortunate we have this gym where kids can come and train and learn important life lessons of being disciplined and working hard”. 

Nadeem and the team at P4P are hopeful Floyd’s visit will inspire many more in the area to visit the gym and take up the sport of boxing. 


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