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Monday, June 27, 2022

Islamic Relief UK volunteers and staff take over local Bradford dessert shop to raise funds for Afghanistan

Islamic Relief aims to distribute £20,000 in food parcels to people in Afghanistan during Ramadan.

Islamic Relief UK volunteers and staff from across the country came together over the weekend earlier this month at Charlie’s Factory in Bradford to make, serve and deliver sweet treats such as cakes, ice cream and doughnuts to the local community.

All funds were donated to Islamic Relief’s work in Afghanistan.

All funds were donated to Islamic Relief’s work in Afghanistan. 

Charlie’s Dessert Factory is situated at the centre of Bradford’s Carlisle Road and was founded by Charlie Habib Khan, after being inspired by his father, an immigrant who set up a community shop in the same area.

Charlie, a former Islamic Relief UK staff member is also co-founder of the charity’s, The Cake Campaign, which is entering its tenth year and delivers cakes across the nation during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan to raise funds for Syria and has evoked a number of international partner organisations to do the same.

Islamic Relief UK Fundraising Officer, Adil Ali said: “Right now, Afghanistan is in a dire humanitarian crisis with ninety-eight per cent of Afghans not getting enough food to eat and nine million at risk of famine.

“We were honoured to work with Charlie’s Factory and thankful to Charlie Habib Khan for helping us to fundraise in this way. He is an inspiration to this community, especially as co-founder of the cake campaign which has delivered 2.2 million slices of chocolate cake and raised millions for Syria.”

“Grassroots projects and community fundraising events will always be the heartbeat for Islamic Relief UK in the Northeast. We are so grateful to the community and our local businesses for giving so generously with open hands.”

Founder of Charlie’s Dessert Factory, Charlie Habib Khan said: “Volunteers are doing great work to give their time and I was honoured to support Islamic Relief UK to help those suffering in Afghanistan.”

“It’s amazing to see young people come together and volunteer their time to be part of a wider community and be ready to help others. The situation in Afghanistan is heartbreaking and we must do everything we can to help raise money for those suffering.”

Islamic Relief is working in Afghanistan and in February 2022, distributed 7,472 food packages and over the next month, plan to distribute a further 19,380 food packs including during the holy month of Ramadan.

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