The Jummah Grants fund begins today (26 June) to support small UK mosques; they will be providing grants between £250 and £1000 each week.

The fund is available for UK mosques with an annual turnover of less than £250,000 and will help mosques who are struggling during the lockdown.

Competitions will take place to support mosques with online fundraising each Friday. The most successful in raising community support will receive any money raised on their fundraising page, in addition to the money provided by the Jummah Grants fund.

The funding is a continuation of the #SupportOurMosques campaign, which launched in April after a fall in donations.

The campaign, led by and the Muslim Council of Britain, has provided over £440,000 of funding for more than 130 UK mosques so far.

Zain Miah, Europe Director of LaunchGood, said: “The SupportOurMosques initiative is a genuine effort to support masjids find their way through the everchanging landscape that coronavirus presents.

“Masajid have adapted, they have stepped up. Now, with the help of our grant sponsors via Jummah Grants, we can help masjids further cover their costs, sustain themselves and most importantly, incorporate forward-thinking changes in their fundraising as they begin to look towards the future.”

Harris Iqbal, Interim CEO of Penny Appeal, said “We are honoured to be partnering with the #SupportOurMosques campaign to provide grants to small mosques here in the UK every Friday to help them get through lockdown.

“Our mosques are there for us when we are young, as we grow older when we get married and even when we pass away. Just as these institutions are here for us, we must be there for our mosques in their time in need.”

Any mosques available for the grant can register for the support programme at

Online webinars, coaching and online tools also provide guidance on fundraising for mosques.

Charities Penny Appeal UK, Mercy Mission UK and individual donors have also supported the programme with grants.