Kikrless Council has launched a new online dashboard to provide residents with up to date COVID-19 information and data in the district.

The Council have gathered available data about infection rates in Kirklees, and the rest of the country, to keep residents informed about regional and national changes in COVID-19 cases.

The data to show increases and decreases in COVID-19 infection rates to inform residents of possible hotspots for infection. The information can also be used to plan targeted action in certain areas where infection rates remain high.

The dashboard shows the overall number of confirmed cases in Kirklees, the number of weekly cases recorded and the percentage rise in cases in the district. Information on individual neighbourhoods and the number of cases in each ward is also available.

Regional and national breakdowns and comparisons are available to view. The dashboard will be updated on a weekly basis.

Outbreaks in Buy it Direct, Huddersfield, and Camira Fabrics, Meltham, this week have contributed to the rise in cases across the district. Kirklees Council is still responding to these individual outbreaks and continue to work on preventing cases from spreading in these areas.

Rachel Spencer-Henshall, Strategic Director for Public Health at Kirklees Council, explains that these recent outbreaks aren’t the only reason for rising rates and urges residents to not be “complacent.”

said: “After dropping by 24 per cent two weeks ago, our rates have increased in the last two weeks and it’s a clear sign that our rates can quickly start to rise again, so we all need to ensure we are not becoming complacent.

“We announced this week that we have been working to contain COVID-19 outbreaks at Buy It Direct in Huddersfield and Camira Fabrics in Meltham – this is likely to have contributed to the increase in our rates this week but it is not the only reason.

“However, we are still above the national average and our rates have increased the last two-week weeks running. So, my message to everyone in Kirklees this week is that this is not over yet. Please continue to follow the latest Government guidance, save lives and bring our infection rates down so we can avoid any further local restrictions.

“We’re also testing more people in Kirklees than before with more local testing centres being set-up in our communities. This will inevitably mean more people testing positive, but in the long run, helps us to prevent the virus from spreading.

“The Government announced new restrictions for areas in the North of England, including Kirklees, on 30 July. Government has today (Friday 14 August) confirmed that these restrictions will remain in place and will be reviewed again next week.

“We are asking the Government to give us more clarity on where we need to get to for these restrictions to be lifted. I know how difficult a sacrifice this has been and will continue to be. In the meantime, please continue to follow the guidance and keep each other safe. If we continue to do this together, we will see these restrictions lifted.”

The council’s dashboard can be accessed here.!/vizhome/CoronaviruscasesKirklees/PublicFacingDashboard