We understand that cruel scammers are trying to take advantage of people’s fears about the pandemic and so we are asking local people to be extra vigilant.

A fake NHS text message has been circulating around Kirklees, telling people they are eligible to apply for the COVID-19 vaccine.

The message includes a link through to a fake NHS website which asks for your personal details, along with your credit or debit card details.

This is a scam and you should delete the message. The NHS will never ask for payment for the vaccine, or for your bank details.

You do not need to apply to receive the coronavirus vaccine. When it is your turn, the NHS will ask you to attend an appointment. This could be at a nearby GP practice, a community pharmacy or at a community vaccination site.

We will contact you either by phone call, letter or a text message.

Genuine messages from the NHS are usually sent from ‘NHSNoReply’. If you get a suspicious text message about vaccinations from an unknown number, please delete it and report it to Action Fraud using this link: https://www.actionfraud.police.uk/report-phishing.