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Monday, May 23, 2022

Labour maintains firm grip on Council but Greens chomping at their ankles

Labour has maintained a firm majority in Bradford’s council chambers taking its total number of seats to 52.

The Labour Party has maintained its firm grip on Bradford Council, receiving 43% of all votes in this year’s elections with 19 candidates maintaining or gaining a seat across the district.

Overall, Labour gained one seat to take its total on the Council to 52, way above the 46 needed for a majority.

Labour held onto fifteen seats including Toller, Manningham, Bowling and Barkerend and gained four seats in Eccleshill, Bolton and Undercliffe, Bingley, and Queensbury.

The Conservatives managed to hold on to five seats in Wharfedale, Baildon, Bingley Rural, Keighley Central, and Worth Valley. They also gained a seat in Ilkley with Andrew John Patrick Loy taking 35% of the votes.

The Greens picked up three new seats in Tong, Craven and Shipley, with Cllr Anna Georgina Watson taking over 65% of the votes. Before the 2021 election there were just two Green councillors and today there are six, meaning the party has the same number of councillors as the Liberal Democrats.

Manningham Cllr Shabir Hussain successfully defended his ward.

Overall turnout for this year’s election was 34.7%, with the highest number of voters in Ilkley (52.41%) followed by Keighley Central (51.99%) and the lowest percentage in Tong (23.43%).

Cllr Kamran Hussain (Lab) who successfully defended his seat in Toller by a landslide of 81% of votes, said: “I want to thank the people of Toller Ward who have put their trust in me and re-elected me as councillor for Toller.

“Labour has had a great result where we have made significant gains in areas that we have never held before. This is a clear rejection of the Tory Government and a statement to Boris Johnson that we have rejected his policies. Equally, as a councillor, I am looking at further developments within my area.

“We have had a significant amount of money put into the Squire Lane development which will offer a brand-new swimming pool to the inner-city and want to continue developing our area.”

Cllr Matt Edwards for Tong and the Deputy Leader of the Green Group in Bradford Council, said: “This year has finally shown that the Green Party is serious in Tong as we are joint with the Liberal Democrats on Bradford Council, and we have places where we can take more seats next year.

“All our candidates are serious community activists; Caroline in Craven participates in community groups across her ward and works hard for residents and that is what people see. Anna Watson in Shipley engages in community groups and is a former governor. In Tong, we made sure that people in parts of the most excluded areas in Bradford felt listened to and had a say on how their area is run.

“Greens work hard in their local community and that is what people want to see. Craven is one of the most affluent areas in the city and you have Tong which is at the opposite end. The Greens is a political force that engages with people across the spectrum because people like what we do.”

Councillor Rebecca Poulsen (Worth Valley), Leader of the Conservative Group, said: “The results have been a bit of a mixed bag. We’ve got three new councillors joining us which is fantastic. Sadly, we have lost a couple of really talented councillors in Bingley and Craven.

“I want to thank everyone who went out to vote across the district and to the people who have given all their time and effort in helping our candidates, it is not an easy job going out door-knocking and delivering.”


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