The loosening of lockdown has coincided with good weather, unfortunately, litter louts have left their mark on the weather. This week Street Scene staff have been out and about clearing up their mess.

With lockdown being loosened crowds returned to lacks and green spaces across the town. Unfortunately, when people went home, many of them left their rubbish behind them creating an eyesore and hazard for local people. Scenes like this were repeated across the country

This weekend Street Scene staff have been to spaces such as Broken Scar, The Denes, Tommy Crooks park, West Park, Low Coniscliffe and Eastbourne Park and other popular areas to clear the rubbish.

Groups of volunteer litter pickers have been kindly helping them out, giving up their time to clear other peope’s mess.

“Following the recent good weather, the state some of our public spaces were left in was disgusting,” said Ian Thompson, Assistant Director Community Services. “We are grateful to those volunteers who decided to help our Street Scene teams with the clear up. While staff are clearing away this rubbish, they are unable to do their normal jobs and so other areas of the town are missing out.

He added that while it’s nice to meet up, people had to respect the environment.
“Don’t rely on someone else to deal with your mess – your rubbish is your responsibility,” he warned.