Bradford and Kirklees have been in the national lockdown announced by the Prime Minister for a week now.

From the 5 November in England, it meant

  • All pubs, cafes and restaurants will have to close to the public, only takeaway and delivery services can continue.
  • Workplaces will be asked to stay open if people cannot work from home – including construction and manufacturing
  • Households will not be allowed to mix with others indoors, or in private gardens
  • Support bubbles for people who live alone and single parent households can continue
  • Individuals can meet one person from outside their household in an outside public space. Children under five are not counted

This lockdown is slightly different as schools, colleges and universities are now remaining open to all students to continue their education in the classroom, this is to stop children falling behind in their learning.

Some have not taken kindly to the measures imposed by Boris Johnson, as students in Manchester were reported to have pulled down fencing that was erected around their halls of residence as they felt they weren’t consulted and it felt like prison.

The Prime Minister spoke to the nation on Tuesday and he said:

I know it has been a hard first week of the autumn restrictions,”

He added though that the country must get through this lockdown until 2 December when the measures will expire and “we plan to move forward with a tiered approach”.

On a Facebook live Q&A on Covid-19, Councillor Susan Hinchcliffe thanked the people of West Yorkshire for their consideration in following the guidelines over the week. She urged everyone to continue to follow the guidelines so we can bring down the infection rate.

During the first pandemic, we were limited to the amount of exercise we could do, with only an hour of exercise allowed until the measures eased.  There are no limitations on our exercise this time around.

Here at the Asian Sunday, we wanted to know how you’ve been coping with this second lockdown and what has brought you joy during these tough times.

Kanwar Hussain told us that going for a walk every day has helped her through the first few days.

Abdur Don Sumaiya is also out in the fresh air as she has taken to jogging morning to maintain her mental and physical health.

Imran Arshad has been keeping busy planning a family Diwali festival and has plans to get the family involved with online events.

Yasmin Rao told us she’s been on furlough for months and has lost count of the number of books she has bought and read so far.

Khalid Mahmood has been volunteering at his mosque to support his local community.