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Thursday, May 26, 2022

Longlist for Fox and Windmill’s first anthology collection announced

Fox and Windmill have announced their longlist for the publishing house's first anthology collection, Into the Wilds.

The longlist for the first anthology collection by an independent South Asian publishing house from Bradford has been announced.

Fox and Windmill is a publishing company set up by two postgraduate students, Habiba Desai and Sara Razzaq from the Univesity of Huddersfield in March of last year.

Co-founder of Fox and Windmill, Habiba Desai.

The duo first met six years when working at the Bradford Literature Festival in 2016.

Taking the plunge during the second lockdown, the English grads launched their search for submissions for their first anthology collection, Into the Wilds, last year.

The publishing company was set up to bridge the gap in literature and publishing, with the aim of independently distributing authentic northern South Asian voices, without the need for a literary agent.

Co-founder of the publishing company, Habiba Desai, said: “We are so honoured and proud to reveal the longlist of short stories and poems for our anthology Into the Wilds.

The book will launch later this year.

“We didn’t anticipate the high volume of entries that we received and we were blown away by the quality of the submissions.

“It shows us how important it is to have representation and validates the importance of having an accessible platform to share your work.

“It’s always a scary process giving someone else your work to read so thank you to everyone who sent in a poem or story. We’d like to offer our congratulations to all those longlisted.”

Sara Raazzaq, co-founder of Fox and Windmill.

Twenty talented poets have been longlisted for the anthology collection and 16 writers who hope to get their short stories published.

However, only six poems and six short stories will be published in the collection.

The winners will have their work published alongside, Saima Mir, award-winning writer and author of The Khan. Sairish Hussain, author of the Costa shortlisted debut novel The Family Tree and award-winning poet Zaffar Kunial.

Fox and Windmill will be doing an Instagram Live on Monday 24 January at 7pm to give some of the writers a chance to read their work to an audience.

The collection is expected to be published later this year.

The longlist for poetry is: 

Alysha Mahmood – Anxiety

Amaleena Damle – Agraha

Bushra Sheikh – Hijab Diaries

Farah Parvez – Let’s Make Up

Hasana Tulain – Back Stabber

Huda Siddiqi – I Come From

Jay Mitra – Sounds About White

Karishma Sangtani – Dadi Maa and I enter the Buffy verse

Mariam Chaudhry – The Season of Pomegranates

Mariam Karolia – May 11th 1985

Mohammed Barber – Wheat Stalks on the Wall

Mussarat Rahman – Grandad Arrival

Nahida Musabbir – Brownation

Raeesa Bano – Sometimes

Reshma Ruia – How To Belong

Shana Jasani – Demons

Sharan Sandhu – Dalit Daughter

Sujana Crawford – Morning walk around Boudha Stupa

Syra Shakir – The Forced Silence

Zara Sehar – Synonyms for Paradise

The longlist for short stories are: 

Dipika Mummery – The Shape of a Girl

Fara Butt – The Change

Ulka Karandikar – On the Blob

Taslin Pollock – Insert Worse Fear

Swapna Sanchita – In the Eyes

Shabina Aslam – Motherland

Sarah M Jassat – A White Boy is Looking At You

Sara Summun Khan – Across this new divide

Sangeeta Mulay – Just the three of us

Samina Hussain – The Trousseau

Sabrina Khan – The Beginning of the End

Niliam McGrath – A Quiet Place to Live

Mousumi Kanjilal – When the World Sleeps

Majida Begum – The Guesthouse

Ismail Karolia – Passenger

Ibrahim Lakhanpal – The Geography Teacher

The shortlist will be announced on 31 January 2022.

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