Masaba Masaba (MM) is a short, exciting Netflix series directed by Sonam Nair. The visuals are beautifully vibrant and eye catching that represents Masaba’s personality, a beautiful and sassy fashionista. MM is loosely based on the life of fashion designer Masaba Gupta alongside her mother Neena Gupta who is striving to get back into the acting industry.

Masaba has own her fashion label called House of Masaba, established in 2009. Her label consists of a gorgeous blend of Indian and Caribbean designs which identifies with Masaba’s heritage.

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Neena is famous for her many acting roles such as Khalnayak (1993) where she was featured in the superhit song “Choli Ke Peeche” Neena has also starred in films Gandhi (1982), Veere Di Wedding (2018) and Badhai Ho, for which she even won the Star Screen Awards, Best Actress critics award.

Each episode is roughly 20 minutes with potential to be longer. We get a glimpse into the chaotic life of Masaba, and in my view very relatable to young people.

Many of us, are living in the digital world these days, but with Masaba being a celebrity there is more pressure on her to stay relevant, keeping her fans engaged. You can see this struggle as she vents her concerns on the show.

An interesting, thought-provoking theme throughout is the use and power of social media as it shows Masaba using socials such as Instagram. She connects with her followers and expresses the ups and downs of her life right up until the end of the season.

MM explores Masaba’s career as a fashion designer leading a hectic lifestyle where she is juggling her complex relationships and career which she tries to keep private from the media and struggles to maintain it all. On top of that Masaba has a deadline for her fashion show, she thinks it is under control and attempts to prove to everyone on her team, but they can see her crumbling under the pressure.

Wanting a successful career and a happy relationship is something many will resonate with, what Masaba comes to realise in the finale is that she cannot hide away from her problems and busy herself with distractions, she has to face them and deal with it as that is the reality, we all live in.


As the show develops, Masaba becomes frustrated with her mother who is also pressurising her to make amends in her personal relationships which Masaba does not want to do, after continuous ups and downs with her mother she realises she needs her own space which becomes another problem she must tackle with herself and her mother.

Many can identify with the Gupta’s mother-daughter relationship where some days you are best friends, and the next day you clash over petty differences that become funny in hindsight. Masaba comes to the realisation she is a lot like her mother in many ways, for example they are both strong, independent, and driven women which brings that feel good factor to the show.

Ultimately you see the love and bond between the mother and daughter, no matter what they go through they are always there for each other in the end, to see that on the screen is heart-warming.

Throughout the show we get to see little moments of Masaba as a child which would have been good for the show to delve into more, so we can see how she has grown up to be the woman she is in the competitive fashion industry.

You can see that Masaba is carrying the weight of the world on her shoulders trying to juggle a million things at once, which leads to the culmination of her fashion show ‘A hot mess’, which sums up the Gupta’s, similar to a pressure cooker waiting to explode.

With MM only being six episodes, there is a lack of character development as it is interesting to watch the characters grow and overcome their daily struggles and see the plot unfold at a steady pace, it gives the viewers a chance to connect with characters they find relatable or likeable.

Overall, Masaba Masaba is funny, emotional and an enjoyable show to wind down to if you are wanting to watch something light-hearted and bingeworthy, the show leaves you wanting more. Hopefully, there will be a season 2 so we can see more of this very likeable mother daughter duo and their daily antics.

Released on Netflix August 28