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Thursday, May 30, 2024

Mayor of London elections – Andreas Michli: “I’m the only candidate right now focusing specifically on knife crime. I have formed a plan, consulted with experts, and if elected, I will implement a realistic plan to move forward.”

The race for the next London Mayor has started. Londoners will go to the polls on 2 May 2024. To help you decide who you think best represents you we have spoken with your Mayoral candidates. Here is our exclusive with independent candidate Andreas Michli.

A family man with a business background, he has a range of ideas for a better future for London, but one policy stands out: violent crime in the capital.

“Crime in London has been allowed to spiral so badly out of control in the last eight years. Our police forces need special measures. We currently have a very serious knife crime epidemic. It’s so serious that parents are burying their children on a weekly basis.

One of my main plans to stop knife crime is named, ‘Operation Brennan’.  The name comes from an expert that I consulted with on the issue, a highly decorated and long serving Police officer, with over 35 years of experience in policing the capital.

The focus is to stop children dying on our streets. My plan has three main elements, an immediate plan, a medium plan, and a long term. The short-term elements might be seen as aggressive; however, we are dealing with a very extreme situation.

Part of this initial plan is to increase stop and search. It’s not the only tool to use against knife crime, and it is controversial.

The most next tool in my plan is to assign specially trained officers to focus on stopping knife crime. These specially trained officers can freely manoeuvre between borough according to intelligence received. They will focus solely on this issue.

The long term is to really look deep into the issue of violent crime in the capital. Why are these happening, and the cultural issues that are contributing.”

At this point I asked Andreas about the main issue with stop and search powers, that some communities, especially young black men, feel unfairly concentrated on. How can these powers be extended without making this issue worse?

“I would approach it in a democratic way, engaging with the feeling of the community. I would hold yearly referendums with each London borough, to say yes or know to police having extra stop and search powers within that borough. I know that if they feel it would stop children dying, many parents would vote yes.”

I followed by asking what he thinks are the roots causes of the violence:

“I do recognise this problem. It’s a complex issue. Personally, I do not think it is in any way a race issue, I think its down to poverty and bad parenting. I have a busy household myself, so I understand how difficult it must be to look after multiple children – those parents need help.”

I asked Andreas if he thought more could be done in the education system.

“As part of my medium-term plans, police would regularly visit schools, to do talks about how to stop crime. Parent support groups could be established, to help parents with children carrying knives.”

Andreas also feels better training in London’s police force would be beneficial.

“One of the only physical requirements to join the police force right now is the bleep test with a score of 5.4. This could be obtainable by slowly jogging backwards. Such low standards mean they can get in situations where they are unable to enforce the law.”

I asked Andreas if the low standards were to encourage more people to join the police, in order to provide the numbers needed.

“I think the issue is they are trying to tick boxes rather than to recruit on merit. They are trying to appease a woke ideology. I understand that we need a diverse police force, but that can’t be the priority.”

Andreas is also a businessman, and I asked what he feels needs to be done to boost growth and investment in the capital.

“The main issue is that money is being mismanaged. I currently do not see any attempt to consult experts in this field. There are so many policies in place that are damaging to businesses. ULEZ is an example. I have spoken to hundreds of businesses over the last few months, not one had a pleasant thing to say about ULEZ. These policies are damaging businesses right now.”

Picking up on this point, I asked what Andreas felt about ULEZ, as a major policy of the current Mayor, Sadiq Khan.

“I would immediately abolish it on day one. I would also remove all the infrastructure and auction it off.”

I asked Andreas what how he would respond to those who say that the ULEZ is vital to preventing high levels of pollution in the capital.

“That is a statistical construct. The data has been manipulated. It’s shaky at best. When they collected the data, they collected it from only three locations in London. One of them was the Blackwall Tunnel – so you can expect the air quality there not to be great.”

I went on to ask what Andreas thought of Sadiq Khan as Mayor.

“He’s an absolute disaster. I don’t think I have a single positive thing to say about him. He dodges real issues, he parades around using virtue signalling and woke ideology, whilst avoiding the real issues that Londoners are facing.”

Another major policy is his, “Hard stance on hard drugs”.

“I believe that we should take a softer approach on soft drugs, and a harder approach on hard drugs. We need to stop wasting police time. We need to focus on harder drugs, ones that have a devastating effect on our society, for example crack and heroin.”

Andreas sums up in his commitment to tackling the current pandemic of violent crime in London:

“I’m the only candidate right now focusing specifically on knife crime. I have formed a plan, consulted with experts, and if elected, I will implement a realistic plan to move forward.”

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