By Rajdeep Jheeta

Every week Asian Standard hopes to shine a spotlight on those unsung community heroes to remind us of all the good humanitarians out there and that not all heroes wear capes.

This week’s community champion has dedicated more than 43 years of unpaid service to Mount Cricket Club in Batley.

Hasan Fadia has been with Mount Cricket club since it formed in 1976 and has given his unconditional support in helping the club and it’s young and adult members sustain the club by offering his services completely free, giving hundreds the chance to play affordable club cricket.

This is inspiring and motivating for all and shows how much of a passionate and generous human being Mr Fadia is, as he has used his time to help other people at the club.

Mr Fadia is fondly called ‘Hasan Mama’ (mama means maternal uncle), and has been working at Mount Cricket Club for the love of the game, not money.

Yusuf Kayat of Mount Pleasant Cricket Club told Asian Standard that Hasan mama works really hard and keeps himself occupied with many jobs to keep the club in great condition and assisting players ensuring they fully enjoy their game. “He is always the first to arrive at the cricket club and the last to leave.” Said Kayat.

“He does so much for the team and is so humble with his great efforts for the club, he treats the club as his second home.”

Hasan mama keeping Mount cricket ground maintained so cricket season can be enjoyed by all.

“He expects nothing in return but has received so much love and kindness from everyone, which is invaluable to him and the rest of his team. To be giving your free time for more than four decades for a club has to be a special person.”

Keeping himself busy, Hasan mama does several jobs for the club.

The 69-year-old happily helps to complete all the junior registrations during winter indoor sessions and summer outdoor sessions. He is the well-respected head groundsman, ensuring the ground is well maintained and suitable for play, which can be a costly job for cricket clubs. Hasan mama’s generosity extends to even serving cups of chai (tea) to all players and staff. And if that isn’t enough, he is also the cleaner for the club, collects the rubbish and is a great kit man for the team.

Hasan Mama certainly seems is the wonderful face of Mount CC that everyone loves to see.

These efforts by Hasan mama are not unnoticed, as he is loved and hugely respected by members of the club.

There has been a lot of heart-warming messages about Fadia, and so much gratitude and love expressed by his fellow members of the club.

Hanif Mayet, Chairman of Mount CC, said: “Fadia has been there from day one. Many have come and gone but he has always been there. Mount CC blood runs through his veins.”

Mayet said, “All kids and players love him as he is always happy to help them. He has worked throughout Covid-19, ensuring people can still play safely and ensuring the grounds are well maintained.”

Mayet did not stop there, he thanked Hasan mama sayin

Youngsters love their Hasan Mama

g, “What can I say that has not been said already by the club. You are the nerve centre of the club. I and everyone are indebted to you for being there as if it is your second home.

Hasan Mama has many young fans too. The under 15’s have this to say about him:

Sufyan Ahmed Kamran: “I only started playing for Mount CC mid-season and have enjoyed it thanks to all the lads and captain who have chosen me. A big thanks especially to Hasan Mama for doing the groundsman work.

Harris: “Thank you to Hasan Mama for being there and sorting the ground out, with out you we would have not had any home games”

Yamen: A special thanks to Hasan Mama for making home games possible, by working very hard”

“Your commitment and dedication are exemplary. And no word of thanks or praise justify what you do for the club.”

“He will go out of his way in helping clean up, especially with young children leaving their kits, he will collect them and clean them. He does this for the love of the game and help others make the most of it.”

The award-winning groundsman has never asked for praise or pay, and when he is offered payment he refuses, or asks for it to be donated to charity.

This is a selfless act for humanity and is inspiring for many people to see such heart-warming acts of kindness especially during unprecedented times.

Covid-19 or no Covid-19 Hasan mama’s community spirit and passion to help others is beyond boundaries and deserves the recognition for his loyal service for the club.

Do you know a community champion like Hasan mama? Let us know, so we can tell everyone how amazing they are.