Nutan Patel and Kapila Parmar, may seem like ordinary homemakers to most at first glance, but the two friends who share an amazing bond are far more than meets the

The good friends hosted a Mother’s Day fundraiser, last March at the Ukranian Community Centre in Bradford 7, where they raised more £3000 for their charity Marie Curie Hospice. More than 300 people attended and had a rocking time, dancing to Bhangra and Bollywood beats.

Raising funds for charity

It’s not the first time the friends have done a fundraiser, previously they hosted one in St Antonys Church, Clayton, where 250 people attended and £2700 was raised for their charity.

All this within less than a year of their friendship?

“We’ve known each other longer, but we met properly last August during a walk.” Nutan told me over a cup of coffee. Her friend Kapila added that since they bonded during their walk, they’ve never looked back and over the year their friendship has just got stronger.
Along with walking the duo enjoy activities such as swimming and Yoga, (which is performed in Nutan’s garage) and planning charity events. Their strong friendship has allowed them to go out of their comfort zone and put on events together – their way of putting something back into the community.

“There was always a desire to want to do something, but there was always a hurdle. Now with both of us, we can take on 50/50 of the workload, which means our other commitments don’t suffer.” Nutan told Asian Sunday

Nutan, is 54 years old, was born and raised in the UK and has two grown up children. Along with being self-employed and running the family business, she is also a property dealer. On the other hand, Kapila, was raised in India and came to the UK when she married her partner. She is 51 years old and also has grown up children and helps out in the family
restaurant called Parmars, based in Liversedge.

“We never realised our first charity event would be so successful.” Kapila said

“We just wanted to do something at our age and make a difference. Sometimes if you want to do something you just do it” continued Nutan.

“Running events is a risk as you may not always recover your costs. So, the way we plan it, is to keep overheads low and ticket prices affordable, that way if there are any losses, we can cover them with our own money and give to charity” Nutan explained.

“But thank goodness, that’s not happened, and we have been successful on both our events, that everyone keeps asking us even now, that when is our next one!”

“Their enjoyment and happiness brings a smile to our faces and hearts and makes us want to do more.” Added Kapila

“We just want people to know that it’s never too late to fulfill your dreams. I want to inspire every woman out there to never give up”

Listening to both Kapila and Nutan is so energising, the two have had many struggles during their early years, but never let their past dictate their present and hope to live life to their fullest.

Nutan said: “As long as our kids and our partners are fed and we have paid our bills, then the remaining time is ours and we intend to make full use of it and keep doing events, which bring our community happiness and at the same time, help us raise funds for
needy charities.”

“We would like to call ourselves the ‘sapna (dream) fillers’ ”

The ‘sapna fillers’ are certainly making their dreams come true as they have already started planning their next charity event, which will aim to raise funds for the Laxmi Narayan Temple, on Leeds Road. The event takes place on 31st August at the Ukranian Community Centre, BD7 2EA. There will be food, dance and plenty of entertainment. For tickets or more information call Nutanben on 07578944011