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Sunday, June 26, 2022

Meet the Batley sports coach leading 200 women on a weight loss challenge

Over two hundred people from Batley and around the world are taking on the challenge to lose half a stone in just four weeks.

A fitness instructor and personal trainer from Kirklees is leading 200 women on a fitness challenge to lose half a stone healthily in just four weeks.

Mum-of-two, Rehana Ameen, 41, is self-employed at The Health Club For Her, a female-only gym in Batley, where she teaches eight classes a week and works with a number of clients as a personal trainer.

Working a typical corporate job in a law firm, Ms Ameen left the 9-5 word in 2018 to become a fitness instructor, spending the last four years in the gym as a weight loss coach, providing expert advice on exercise and nutrition.

MS Ameen works at The Health Club for Her.

Ms Ameen, said: “I’ve been a fitness instructor since 2018 and I became a personal instructor about a year after that. Before this, I worked in a law firm, but I’ve always been interested in fitness.

“It made sense for me, at the time, to pursue a career in law, but after getting more involved in the gym, I decided to leave my job and become an instructor, as I thought it was more for me.”

Working in a ladies-only gym is important to Ms Ameen as it makes her clients more comfortable exercising without having to worry about men stealing equipment or being harassed. She said: “From my experience, women find working out in this type of environment more comfortable.

“It is not just Asian women, there are lots of Black, white British and Polish women who use our gym. Women have often told me that men hog the equipment in other gyms, which they don’t have to worry about here.

“Our youngest member is thirteen and parents know that they can leave their daughters here without having to worry about them being harassed or being made to feel uncomfortable.”

The fitness instructor also provides women from around the world with free weight loss advice through social media, from women in Canada to Pakistan. Speaking about this, she said: “I don’t charge for advice, anyone can message me, and I am more than happy to help by providing tips on how to lose weight or on how to exercise at home.”

“Our youngest member is thirteen and parents know that they can leave their daughters here without having to worry about them being harassed or being made to feel uncomfortable.”

She is currently running a fitness challenge for over 200 women who aim to lose half a stone in only four weeks. The challenge doesn’t include going on a fad diet or engaging in hours of strenuous gym sessions, instead, it includes eating more fruits and vegetables and doing a bit more exercise than normal.

Ms Ameen previously worked in a law firm before becoming a fitness instructor.

The challenge which began last week on Monday 6 June will run until Thursday 7 July, with women weighing themselves every seven days.

“We are doing a challenge at the moment where we are aiming to lose half a stone, with around 2000 women taking part”, she said.

“I was just going to do the challenge myself but then I mentioned it in my class and people expressed their interest and now 200 people are taking part. I’ve run similar things before, where I’ve challenged people to eat mostly vegetables for a week.

“In the Asian community, we are proper meat-eaters and are not very big on vegetables, and so I challenged people to add more veggies into their diet and 150 people from the gym and through social media took part.”

She promotes the challenges through her Facebook and Instagram page so that people without a gym membership in Kirklees or from around the world can be involved.

The mum-of-two added: “Not everyone can afford a personal trainer but if you can help the community by making small changes, then I say, we should go for it. You wouldn’t think people would be interested but it motivates people by being a part of a community.

“We are two weeks into the challenge, and it is going well. Many women are saying they have already lost three or four pounds and are well on their way to reaching the goal.”

For weight loss advice or information on booking a session with Ms Ameen, please visit her Instagram or Facebook page, @RehanaPersonalTrainer.

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