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Monday, June 27, 2022

Meet the millionaire twins who used social media to build a dentist clinic favoured by celebs

The twins’ have a client list of around 13,000 people, from premier league footballers to Love Island stars scrambling for an appointment.

At only twenty-six years old, a pair of twin dentists from Roundhay have amassed a clientele of around 13,000 people at their practice, Yorkshire Dental Suite (YDS), in Leeds.

The ambitious brothers now have plans to launch their distinctive new brand of clinics across the country.

Then cosmetic and restorative dentists, Dr Hussein, and Dr Hassan Dalghous have used their professional ability and social media acumen to transform a dental practice with no clients to providing jobs for twenty-five people and amassing a clientele of 13,000 people, with Leeds United footballers and Love Island stars scrambling to book an appointment.

Dr Hussein and Dr Hassan built their client list through social media.

Growing up learning Spanish, the twins decided to complete their training in Valencia, Spain, before getting into business with their dad, Dr Abdul Dalghous, principal dentist at YDS, specialist oral surgeon, and implant surgeon who has spent almost two decades working in the Mid-Yorkshire hospitals’ maxillofacial department, six years ago.

Mr Hussein Dalghous said: “We set up the practice about six years ago with no clients at all. In the past five years, we have grown our client list to around 13,000 with people travelling from all across the country for our services.

“We grew quickly because we promoted our brand heavily on social media. What makes us different is that we invited a lot of high-profile influencers to the practice and ensured a different environment.

“It was important to us to make sure that we provided a relaxed environment, almost like a hotel or spa, so that people can feel calm and comfortable, and not feel like they are in a white, scary dental practice.”

When the twins are not working at the practice or jetting off to their beloved Spain, Dr Hussein and Dr Hassan spend their time at the gym and filming videos for their YouTube channel, where they have documented their bodybuilding journey.

Mr Hussein Dalghous added: “We have a fitness channel on YouTube called Twin Workout. We launched it to show people that you can still pursue something academic as well as stay in shape.”

They employ twenty-five members of staff at their Leeds clinic.

The twins are well known to be “disruptors” in the industry, employing some of the most advanced techniques and developing their own products. When they set up the clinic, they noticed there was a huge demand for private cosmetic and restorative dentistry in the UK, done in a “personable, pleasurable, and innovative way.”

One way they are doing this is by being the first clinic in the UK to offer SmileSmart, a new implant bridge that is the first hybrid implant prosthesis patented and made available on the British market. Dr Hussein said: “We are proud to be the first to launch this product in the UK as it marks a significant leap forward in dental technology.”

Dr Hussein and Dr Hassan are planning an ambitious expansion programme to open 400 new YDS franchise clinics across the nation over the next three years, offering access to dental specialists, implants, teeth straightening, veneers, and complex surgical extractions bone grafts.

Dr Hassan Dalghous added: ”YDS clinics will offer patients access to the most advanced techniques in general, cosmetic, and reconstructive dentistry rarely available outside London. For those that want a dazzling smile, there’s access to our new teeth whitening product which has radically improved the way whitening treatment is performed.

With all of this set-up, we hope to become known as the nation’s smile doctors. The only downside is we may end up with less time in the gym.”


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