When the pandemic hit, many business owners were worried about their own future. However, for Middlesbrough business woman Alisha Sadiq her instant reaction was to think about how she could help. Now her efforts have been recognised with a Boro hero award.

Alisha owns beauty products supplier, House of Sadiq on the Kings Road in Middlesbrough,. Alongside her mam Rabeeener, she began preparing care packages for residents and, before long, was producing 10,000 packages including items for fending off the virus such as hand sanitiser, masks and other general care items.

Her actions have now been acknowledged by Middlesbrough mayor Andy Preston who awarded her the Boro Hero award.

“What Alisha and her mam did at the start o the pandemic was really fantastic,” said Mr Preston. !At the time they could have been forgiven for thinking about what it would mean for their business but instead their thoughts were on how they could help others.
“Alisha is truly a deserving winner of the Boro Hero award.”

The Boro Hero awards were set up to recognise those who go the extra mile to help their communities. Each month the Mayor reviews the applications and selects a hero of the month.

On hearing about the award Alisha said: “I said: are you sure they’ve got the right person? It’s nice to be recognised but really we just wanted to help.”

If you know someone who you think is deserving of the Boro Hero award you can find out how to nominate them on the Middlesbrough.gov website.