As the colder days of winter kick in the challenges to keep our motor vehicles safe and problem free become greater. However, not for a group of lucky mums who have children attending St Barnabas C of E primary School, as they recently benefited from a free car maintenance workshop by award winning motor vehicle specialist Naveed Khan.

Naveed Khan is the founder of Enkahnz, a Bradford based accident repair centre and vehicle customisation boutique. Along with starring in the BBC TV documentary series ‘Bradford City of Dreams’ in 2013, Naveed has also worked on cars for many celebrities such as Amir Khan.

The women who attended Naveed’s winter car maintenance workshop learnt about
the different warning lights on the dashboard, what it meant and how to maintain it should any warning lights come on.

Women also got under the bonnet where Naveed taught them where the battery is, how to jump start a vehicle, how to check and maintain engine oil and fluid levels. He explained the importance of screen wash additives in winter and making sure the correct antifreeze is in your radiator.

The workshop proved beneficial for all of the women who attended, as most said they were not aware of many of the details the vehicle specialist shared and often due to garages being mainly male focused they didn’t feel comfortable going into a garage and asking about car maintenance.

Naveed said: “We are in an era of equality for all, no one has time for anyone anymore especially when it comes to vehicle maintenance which has been mainly done by men. It is good to see the mums taking charge of situations such as basic vehicle maintenance, not having to rely on their male members of the family.

“I am really glad that I was able to pass on my experiences and help women become more independent on the roads, by teaching them basic vehicle maintenance.

“I enjoyed the session, as the women asked good questions, there was good interaction back and forth and I hope to see them again for the second workshop.”

One of the highlights was when Naveed allowed the mums to check and refill tyre pressure on his prized Ferrari and on other Enkahnz’s personal vehicles. The parents were very happy at this workshop as they had learnt a lot.

Sofia Mushtaq, who is a Parent Governor at the school and attended the workshop, wrote back to thank Naveed on behalf of the school and parents.

In the letter she wrote:

“The workshop you carried out was of huge value to the attendees. For almost all, this was the first time they experienced car maintenance as most rely on the male members of their families.

“This has been a fantastic collaboration for Heaton St Barnabas C of E Primary School and Enkahnz. The car maintenance workshop was highly requested by some of our parents. As a school, we encourage reducing carbon footprint and this workshop has helped achieve that.”

Other parents also left their feedback in the letter.

Rehana Ali, who attended the workshop, said: ‘I really enjoyed myself and I felt safe and learned at the same time. The basics were easy to grasp. Naveed made us feel very comfortable and able to ask questions.’

“This was a very informative and helpful session. Many thanks to Mr Khan for hosting us today and I look forward to part two of the training where we will learn to change a tyre.’  Nazia Ali said in the letter.

Aqsa Butt who also attended said: ‘I got to know simple basic things that I didn’t know, and they are important too. I’ve always relied upon the male members of my family but now I’m confident enough to at least carry out the important basic checks. I learnt all this in one session taught by Naveed and at no cost to me. I can’t thank him enough.’

Following the success, there are plans for a second workshop for intermediate level training.

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