The MP for Bradford West has questioned the government’s rollout plans in Bradford for the Pfizer vaccine.

Naz Shah asked the question to the Health Secretary Matt Hancock in the House of Commons but did not get the clarification of her question.

Now Ms Shah has written to Mr Hancock questioning the government’s plans across her constituency.

In the letter, Ms Shah says that NHS Bradford District & Craven Clinical Commissioning Group were ordered to find three sites to administer the first wave of the Pfizer vaccine within 24 hours. In each of the Primary Care Networks, 1500 patients over 80 were also required.

This news did not sit well with Naz Shah MP as inner city Primary Care Networks like those in Bradford have a lower life expectancy and more ill-health therefore do not fit the criteria.

Ms Shah also reminded the Health Secretary that the government’s own review showed those from Black, Asian and minority ethnic communities are disproportionately impacted by COVID-19.

Finishing the letter Naz criticises Westminster for its repeated failures in Bradford and to the Black, Asian and minority ethnic community, while stating she will not accept her constituency being overlooked.

Ms Shah urges the government to rethink the criteria for a vaccine in inner city areas and says that the Black, Asian and minority ethnic community have suffered immensely during the pandemic. The government should not add to their suffering by telling those most at risk in Bradford they cannot get protection from the deadly virus.

Naz Shah letter to the Health Secretary regarding the vaccine rollout in Bradford