Bradford council is offering local hospitality businesses thousands of pounds in grants to help them reopen this month.

Hospitality businesses have been allowed to reopen this week after months in lockdown. However, there’s a catch. They are restricted to serving people outside. For some businesses, that’s easier than for others.

For those who need to make significant improvements, Bradford Council is offering grants of up to £1,500 through their outdoor trading grant to help small local businesses pay for outdoor furniture and spaces to allow them to open under current restrictions.

In addition, the local authority’s pavement extensions have brought an alfresco feel to towns around the country as businesses are given more space to serve people in the open air.

To be eligible businesses must make sure they have a free outdoor seating license which can be obtained through the authority’s Highways Department. Any business which already has its own outdoor space as part of their operations may also apply for a grant. Furniture must have been bought after February 1st.

Application forms will be available from the council’s website from Friday. Applications close on 31 May 2021.

The Council has already made significant investments to support businesses through the pandemic. It paid more than £51 million in local restrictions support Grants to businesses which have been affected by the crisis. More than £3.8 million has been paid to local firms under the government’s Additional Restrictions grants.

However, the reopening of businesses is a pivotal moment. While businesses have been able to survive in hibernation opening up brings its own set of challenges and risks.

“We have been working very hard to support local firms during the pandemic,” said Jason Longhurst, Strategic Director of Place.

“This new grant will give local businesses some extra assistance to cover the costs of reopening safely and help create pleasant spaces to welcome back customers.”
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