North East NHS trusts will receive £17million of government funding, Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced today.

The government funding will be used to upgrade hospital facilities, which will help the NHS to cope with any further impact of Covid-19 during the winter months.

NHS trusts across the country have today been allocated a share of £300 million in total which will be used towards expanding waiting room areas, increasing the number of treatment cubicles and helping to expand A&E capacity in order to reduce overcrowding.

Work on hospital projects are scheduled to be completed by early 2021 so they can benefit from the upgrades in the winter months.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said: “We continue to deliver on our promise to build back better and faster, with £300 million allocated today for NHS trusts to upgrade their facilities and improve A&E capacity.

“These upgrades will help our fantastic NHS prepare for the winter months, helping them to deliver essential services and reduce the risk of coronavirus infections.

“Thanks to the hard work and tireless efforts of NHS staff throughout the pandemic, our A&Es have remained open for the public.

“It’s vital that those who need emergency treatment this winter access it, and for those who remain concerned about visiting hospitals, let me assure you that the NHS has measures in place to keep people safe.”

Further information on government funding for the NHS can be found here: