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Monday, May 23, 2022

Norton Businessman Hoping to win planning permission for a 21st century convenience store


Award winning Teesside businessman Sag Hussain has plans for a vibrant Premier convenience store perfect for the 21st century.

In fact, refurbishment has already begun on the transformation of an empty laundrette in Norton to a retail outlet set to celebrate local communities.

The project will cost Sag a six-figure sum to start with, though he told Asian Standard more will be invested to make it a store people want to visit.

The premises may have been empty for more than a year but if all goes well and the authorities agree with the plan, the new business could be open by April. He hopes to create between six and eight part time jobs and four to five full time positions.

In the application, Total Planning Solutions said a new use for the vacant premises would create jobs, “improve the vitality and viability of the shopping parade” and help “diversify the offer at the location”, which is “predominantly hot food takeaways.”

“The site is within walking distance of a high number of potential customers given the predominately residential location and would therefore represent a sustainable development within walking distance of proposed customers.

“The application site has suitable access and parking arrangements to the front and side of this street to meet the demands of these present units.”

The former laundrette in Norton Sag Hussain is hoping will become a 21st century convenience store Image: Google Street

Sag has become known as the man who can get things done. In fact, the popular entrepreneur was given the Middlesbrough Council Civic Award for community business of the year 2021. He’s also been shortlisted for a UK off-licence retailer award.

He told Asian Standard: “You have to give the customer what they want because if you don’t, they’ll just shop elsewhere. Too many outlets fall short and the truth is you have to be up there in terms of what’s required in the modern market. People demand a little more whether it’s a supermarket or a convenience store.

“The prospective store is under what’s called retrospective planning. This means work has already started on the premises even though planning permission has yet to be officially granted.

“We hope to have things like food-to-go, desserts, Hershey’s milkshakes, Tango Ice Blasts, every-day items, frozen food and much more to attract regular customers. It’s all about people and that’s why I’m in this business. Of course, profits are nice, but there’s no better feeling than helping communities around you. I can honestly say even a lot of youngsters in the area know my name and that has to be good.

“We get a lot of customers coming to my Nunthorpe store from Stockton, for the alcohol I sell. They keep asking me ‘when are you going to open in Stockton. There was never a suitable shop – until I found the right place.

“We are bringing a 21st Century store to give people the facilities they’ve been missing. The area is on the up, there are new houses going up and a school is nearby. Standards have to be high to attract people to any business so because of what we’re doing I’m hoping the Council will back us to the hilt.”

Sag also believes the area is also crying out for an even bigger new store. For now, the people of Norton are looking at his latest venture with great excitement.


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