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Thursday, May 30, 2024

Opulent jewellery store opens on Leeds Road, offering movie star designer pieces

Durrani’s Gold and Diamonds jewellery store brings international glamour to Bradford

Bringing international glitz and glamour to Bradford, one of the district’s most well-known restaurateurs has teamed up with a jewellery designer and distributor to open one of the most luxurious jewellery shops in the city.

Mr Shabir Hussain, 53, who owns various restaurants and cafes including Bradford’s famous chain of restaurants – Akbars, has partnered with Khawar Durrani to open a jewellery store, Durrani’s Gold and Diamond Ltd, selling every day and luxury jewellery. The store also sells new and preowned watches from brands such as Cartier, Rolex, and Patek Philippe.

Durrani’s is found opposite Akbars Restaurant at 839 Leeds Road, BD3 8BU, replacing the old Waggon and Horses pub building that was bought by Mr Hussain a few years ago which fell victim to vandalism and looting over the years before its transformation into the magnificent jewellery shop.

Owners of Durrani’s Gold and Diamonds, Mr Shabir Hussain and Mr Khawar Durrani.

The high-end jewellery store officially opened for business on Friday 1 October 2021 with a lot of interest already generated for the store. Speaking about the launch day, Mr Hussain said: “The guests who came to the opening were very overwhelmed. The shop is very opulent, and it is the kind of jewellery shop where we want customers to come and feel that they are in a special place.

“Buying jewellery is a very special occasion and it is not something you do every day, so it is where we want to make buying jewellery comfortable.”

Mr Durrani added: “We have just opened this shop in Bradford and the whole idea is to convey the message about new trends and design in jewellery. I have seen that in Britain, people keep using the same style and design of jewellery. We offer something unique, especially in the bridal section. Today, the groom wears jewellery as well but they just run around looking for it from any shop and can’t find what they want, so the whole point of this shop is to offer new designs and trends to the market.”

Mr Durrani, who is originally from Pakistan comes from a long line of jewellers, being the third in the family to carry on the business. Part of the reason that Mr Durrani opened the first UK store this year is in celebration of the 50th anniversary of his family business.

The forty-year-old is carrying on the family business by selling jewellery all over the world including Dubai and Europe. In Bradford, the jewellers sell Asian gold, engagement and wedding rings for men and women, everyday jewellery, and luxury watches. All the jewellery on sale is created and supplied by Mr Durrani who has been designing jewellery for more than fifteen years.

The shop sells luxury watches from Cartier and Patek Phillipe.

As a designer, he sells his creations to movie stars the world over. He said: “People watch movies and TV shows and wonder ‘where is that jewellery coming from?’ and I am the person that creates it out of gold and diamonds, so we thought to bring the jewellery designs for the movie stars to Bradford.”

Mr Hussain and Mr Durrani were introduced through a mutual friend a few years ago and it was Mr Hussain who gave Mr Durrani the idea to open a flagship British and European store in Bradford. Mr Durrani said: “Mr Hussain gave me the idea to open the jewellery store in Bradford so that people can have designer and bespoke jewellery, diamonds, and luxury watches all under one roof.”

Mr Hussain added: “I encouraged Mr Durrani to open his first UK business in Bradford and because it was on our doorstep it was more encouraging and easier for us as I have been established in this city for many a year.

All of the jewellery sold in the store is designed by Mr Durrani.

“It was an honour for me to bring someone like Mr Durrani into Bradford for the people of Bradford. Currently, local people who want a certain style of jewellery must travel to London, Birmingham, or even as far as Dubai and India. So, for Mr Durrani to be able to offer this type of jewellery to the people in the district, it is a great honour and pleasure.”

The high-end store on Leeds Road is unlike any of the jewellers on the street. Right from the exterior to the interior it oozes style and opulence. It features an array of displays, with a lavish circular display in the centre of the shop with decadent lighting fixtures adorned above the display cases.

“The presence of this shop is going to raise the standards of Leeds Road even higher; we need more people from different walks of business to believe in Leeds Road and invest because we know the customers are here”, says Mr Hussain. “We want customers from London and Birmingham to come up and shop with us,” He added.

Durrani’s has a large selection of yellow gold jewellery on offer.

Businesses in Bradford have been impacted heavily throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, which is why Durrani’s offers hope of a flourishing retail sector in the district. The business has injected thousands of pounds into the local economy already, with the entire building being renovated using local builders and trades people as well as half a dozen sales positions opening to residents in the district. At one point during the pandemic, 60% of all businesses had temporarily closed or paused trading, so opening a new venture could be considered risky, but Mr Hussain who owns numerous restaurants across the North of England has the business acumen to know what he is doing.

Mr Durrani is keen to bring the most innovative designs and creations to the European market, especially in the Bradford flagship store. One of these trends are lab-grown diamonds. The diamonds are no different from mined diamonds except that they were created in a lab. They are not fakes or cubic zirconia.

Mr Durrani said: “Lab-grown diamonds are better than natural diamonds clarity wise, size-wise, and price-wise. With these diamonds, people can afford to buy big solitaire rings, for example, that are of better quality and better clarity at a more affordable price that holds its value.”

They are “grown” inside a lab using cutting-edge technology that replicates the natural diamond growing process that results in a man-made diamond that is chemically, physically, and optically the same as those grown beneath the Earth’s surface.

The shop is open from 11am to 7pm every week, with consultation appointments available.

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